Let’s Forego a President and Figure Ourselves Out

These days it doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, gay or straight or transgender. This country is filled with vitriolic hate, from one person right onto another. It doesn’t matter right now that we are in the chiasm of great peril with our two presidential nominees.

Saturday night we had our worst mass shooting ever in the history of this great country. Nobody is sure whether  Pulse the LBGT bar was targeted as a hate crime, or if this was the doings of  Muslim Extremists like ISIS. It doesn’t matter, we can’t agree even on basic gun control.

The NRA is a very powerful lobbying group, I have no side in this gun debate. My side is this: why does anyone need access to an assault weapon like the one used and purchased legally to kill over 50 people and injury 50 plus more? I can’t honestly see why these are available to the public.

Last night was the end of primary elections. Not sure it was even noteworthy. Our Congress can  not agree on a candidate for the Supreme Court. What the hell is wrong with this country? We don’t even have a full Supreme Court.

We also don’t have consensus among the political parties on who should really be our candidates for the President of the United States. Both parties will hold their conventions in July.  Nobody seems thrilled with the candidates chosen. Wow, if there is a contested convention on either side, we might just need the full Supreme Court to decide what goes where. What is going to happen as the Republican party is more and more upset with the primary winner Donald Trump. As of this morning he was blaming our president for being a part of the terrorist regimes that look to hurt innocent people over the world.  The top Republicans are besides themselves, they have waited and waited for Donald Trump to change. Then on the Democrat side you got Bernie Sanders refusing to concede in part because of what he says is voter fraud. Then you have Hillary under indictment by the FBI for her use of a private email server at her own home.  Throw into that the WikiLeaks founder is getting ready to release supposedly very damaging emails of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

Really as a country could we be more than a bunch of monkeys in this circus? I don’t have an answer and neither does anyone else. The best I have  seen was a meme that said. “We as a country need to take a few years off from having a president while we figure ourselves out right. Too bad Congress and the Supreme Court couldn’t hold things together. Let Congress pass legislation and then send it to the Supreme Court for sign off. Sounds like a plan that would work for everybody. Let the Republicans find a real person to lead them, and let the email situation with Clinton work itself out.

Hey I don’t get paid for this, but I think I am on to something. Lets just take two years as a country to figure ourselves out. It is truly feasible including checks and balances. I know this won’t happen, but I am afraid of what really may go down. It scares me enough to look into political asylum to a country like France. Yes, don’t be surprised, I am going to find my passport and maybe give a try.

All in all this isn’t the least bit funny, we are a great nation of great people, who has lead the world for over 200 years.. We are on the brink of an internal collapse. What happens God  forbid, a country in the middle East starts to act up right now? We are in  no  position to take care of world business, this is America we must do better than what we are doing. Right now we are no help or a player internationally. We are actually the entertainment for the world to watch, and perhaps sadly an easy target for terrorists. I  urge you all to consider what is happening, and don’t sit back without getting involved. We owe it to ourselves, this Country’s history, and mostly our children who are going to pay the biggest price of us all.

-Corey Britton