Branding Myself

My friend Hannah Hartley just posted a quip on Facebook about branding yourself, you know, your style and essence sort of branding.

I was giving it some thought and decided to think about it here. I think I have already branded myself and most people who are exceptionally unique are branding themselves or already have as well.

I think there are many times of people that comprise our world, and one type is the category I fit into; the I know we are all different category.

I was born different, and from there I just kept the differences going. Funny I would turn out to be also left-handed. No I didn’t make myself left-handed I certainly was born that way with left-handed tendencies since I first tried to pick something up as a baby and then as a toddler on much more profound tendencies to being left-handed. I think being left-handed is attached to many anomalies  that science has not picked up on yet. I believe left-handers are more intelligent and suffer from mental illness at a greater rate. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.  I hope in my life time both left-handedness and pure mania are examined much more closely and in detail for everyone to understand; especially the people with one or both of these conditions. I do not know much about individuals with pure mania as there are so few-may guess is they are lefties too.

So branding myself thanks to the inspiration of my Facebook friend, Hannah Hartley? I have just been myself, and also I have at times used my intentionality to be myself or create myself. Why, you ask? To be me and a version of me that sticks out to be different and unusual and most of all unique and original. I read a  quote be someone yesterday, “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.”  Well this Lion cares. I will not change for you, but I might change because of you. I am by no means suggesting anyone in particular is a sheep! Just a quote…….

Right now and I will include  a picture of myself with this post, my hair is definitely signature and it came to me all on is own. I have always high-lighted my long or very short locks but I never went for the cut or color I have now. My color is so unique I make it at home and nobody else has the recipe. I buy my hair coloring products at a stylists store and yes to many peoples surprise I color I my own hair. I went from spending $400.00 for just high-lights  every six weeks to less than $15.00 dollars once every three months. I actually color my hair like every 5 weeks to keep it up. My cut is done by a stylist who uses a straight-edge razor like they did in the 60’s to cut short hair. No scissors or electric razor/shaver on me. For my hair cut I need to go every 6 weeks or it gets heavy looking. I have had this look for two years and my ex-wife and family want to know when I am going to a new look? I wish I could tell them, as it is time to change it up, but now that my hair is unique I feel I can’t go back to wearing my hair like everyone else, Like Andy Warhol, maybe this bright platinum is me for a lifetime? I don’t know! Shaving already done that and it wouldn’t be cool with my daughter, and I have worn it long, short and everything in between but this is the first cut and color that is all Corey.

Okay so why brand yourself? Why come up with your own authentic style like nobody else? It is beyond fun, it’s essential to be your own person with your own style or yes you are just a sheep! No thank you my fellow friends! Even my pug is black because it is less popular! It isn’t just about going against the grain either. It is about being creative with yourself, your life, and the things and yes even people in your life. My friends or peeps are in my life because they all bring something unique and special-themselves! On top of that they are cool and yes nice, caring and compassionate. It isn’t about ever being mean or catty to our fellow brothers and sisters. It is about empowering  people “to be” whatever that looks like to them. If they dress from the Gap like 200 million other people that is their choice and their style. Nobody has their voice, their life, or their way-we are all blessed with being individuals without even trying……I think that BANGS THE CAKE! I get amped when quieter people use their voices and speak loud and proud! And I am just as amped if they speak softly so I have to listen closely-it is all good, and usually the softer voices are the ones we should all be listening to honestly.

I have my brands of clothes, but it is how I live, how I make my way through my Universe that really makes me, Corey. I duct tape all my 100s of writing utensils because I think they look cool and it adds to their look. Plus whenever I leave one behind most people know hey, that belongs to Corey! I have gotten many a good reusable writing utensil back because of the duct tape factor. I only use good, refillable writing utensils whether it is an ink pen, mechanical pencil, or sharpie with a refillable fine tip. I don’t use through away writing utensils, and given all the writing I do, I have stocked the refill for the refill.

I do get annoyed when I meet someone and they start to do as I do or want my stuff because it is different. I am pleasantly happy that I struck a creative cord with them but I want ALL people to get and find their own style, their own branding. Sure we are humans, and yes sometimes we get ideas of creativity from one another. That is okay, but try to pick these ideas up from strangers or people you will not see again. Not me your friend and peep who will be hanging with you all the time. I realize I don’t own the “market” on anything except two words that I got accepted and included in the dictionary and my own writing that I produce. Other than that it is for me at least, pick my labels for say clothes carefully. I wear only Lucky jeans or Calvin Klein button fly jeans. My lounge or relaxed pants I get from a catalogue where the store is located in Australia. I won’t tell you the name of my cologne because it is such a hit with the girls and it is something you can get in the states that people love the smell of. I hate it when people find it in my bathroom or bedroom without my telling them. I know what’s the BFD? Cologne smells different on everyone anyway. But the monkey see monkey do like about my cross I wear on a chain on my neck with a solid medallion with the Our Father written in  Latin that’s Corey. I have dated girls who thought it was really cool. I love jewelry and have many bracelets and rings. I wear them because that is Corey. I shop for my stuff in off the beaten path locations. My cross is really personal. I got confirmed as an Episcopalian when I was 34. I made that chain I wear around my neck that never comes off. It has true meaning for me. I once let a girl I was dating wear it, the only time I ever did this and we parted ways and she refused to give me my chain back. I had to gravel with her and finally in a very weak moment of her’s she gave it back to me. That girl wanted to be Corey-wasn’t cool. Unfortunately she has no self-esteem and does it with everyone she is involved with.

I hope you think about your personal branding, and dare to “create’ if you haven’t already. If you have I am preaching to the choir and I love to hear about your personal branding and what it looks like. AS always you can email me at I would love to hear from you guys! Happy Labor Day!