Mother’s Day and Jack-What a Wonderful Day

Today was a great day with a big surprise.  Camie and I had decided to go to lunch with Bella around 1:00 pm today.  We had hoped to get a movie in but it wasn’t in the cards.  From coming back from the cape to Bella’s symphony concert tonight.  We were just really loaded down with things we all wanted to do.

This afternoon Camie took Bella to UNH for her last rehearsal.  Because parking at UNH was limited Camie said she would come Stephanie and I up.  I brought the pictures reprinted  of Jack and Julia, and also the box filled with his leash and collar and tags, as well as some other lose ends.

The UNH YOUTH S20160430_123815 (2)ymphony was so amazing.  Bella had to try out for a place in this orchestra.  She’s been playing the violin by ear from the age of three.  She just continuers to amaze us in all she is…..


We all rode back to Dover, and headed to my house. Bella is staying tomorrow for the week, as Camie is traveling.  When we got to the house, Bella offered to help me with my stuff into the house.  She had spent the ride home looking at pictures, and the things in Jack’s box.  She bounded up the stairs, and headed into the study.  I told her Bella come into the kitchen, honey Jack is in there.  We haven’t been able to deal with Jack’s urns because Camie and Bella have been too upset.  She said, “No mommy, it’s ok.” I said very carefully, “Do you want to see the urns tonight?” I was scared and frightened and did not know what Camie would say.  “Yes Mommy, I am ready.” “Ok let me go get mimi.”

I bounded down the stairs, Camie’s window was rolled up.  I said, “Camie roll down your window. She did and I told her what Bella was ready to do.  Surprised she said, Ok and got out of her car to come inside I made sure she was alright and we continued with Bella.  I made it as unemotional as I possibly could, Jack’s oak urn already sits upon the corner of my desk.  Bella was fine, I think relieved, she had new pictures of Jack and the box I made for her with all his things.  It was rather quick, we all doted on Julia Bleu, and kept it real simple.  We talked about having a ceremony sometime in the future.

With all of that they left for the night.  I will see Bella tomorrow for the rest of the week.  I pray everything is ok and Bella didn’t get too upset. I am sure Camie would have called.   I am so blessed this Mother’s day and at last Jack is where he should be with all three of us.