Big Day Ahead!

As most of you know I have been working for the Clinton Campaign all summer.

Last week I was invited of course to the new Clinton office that opened in my home town. Unfortunately I had plans and couldn’t make it.

The grand-opening was on Saturday so my goal was to get there by Monday. Well I didn’t get there during the day, but after going out for dinner we went in search of the office.

I had memorized the address and knew it couldn’t be far from my place. It is actually not just the Clinton office but the main office for all the Democrats running in 2016.

We were able to find the office easily as it is right around the corner from my place. No more than a five minute walk. Bella and I went in around 8:30 pm last night and I introduced myself to the local staff as I am part of national.

I have been looking forward to this office opening as I have been working decentralized and I miss the camaraderie of like-minded excited people for Hillary.

I am also nervous about the office being so close to me and it being open from 9 am to 9 pm. I know me and I know I will get sucked in completely. Being decentralized I haven’t had that wave of electricity that just explodes when you put supporters and campaigners together.

I have an option to change positions for the last part of the campaign. It is a promotion of sorts but I think I am going to stay with my current role in digital/virtual phone banking. I have really gotten into it have all the equipment and software programs and I am my own boss to a certain degree and that would be lost if I changed positions. I don’t want that to happen obviously.

I am sitting here looking at little Julia Bleu and I feel so bad for her. I will be gone a lot from the house and working decentralized I have been home even more so than I was when I was in school.

I think I am going to try to split my time between the office and home. I can be working for the campaign and doing other things at home like school work as at the office it is 100 percent Clinton all the time.

As I write I think I will try to go to the office between 9-10 and stay to 2-3 pm. That gives me enough face time in the office and allows me to not leave Julia Bleu or Stephanie for 12 hour days.

I am nervous about the campaign. More bad news and the polls are tightening. I have my strong doubts that average Americans are ready for a female president. I want and will do everything I can to see Hillary get into the White House but in talking to people yesterday, the Don doesn’t have to do much right to be neck and neck with Clinton and she has run a stellar campaign.

I don’t know if her email situation and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can really wreck havoc on Clinton’s campaign and I don’t know with the Don if he can keep up his good boy act to get into the White House.

Everyday as you yourself watch the news or read it on the internet it is a seesaw with some new “bombshell” every other day.

Today is a big first day for me. I start powering it up and on and going into high no-stop gear for the campaign with the office opened down the street.

I am excited as I know I will meet interesting people who share the same goals and values. I hope I have the right stuff and add value to the campaign. I haven’t felt on top of my game for awhile and I think a large part of it was being decentralized. Of course we use on-line communities and everyone is part of a virtual team. I am part of many so that is fun.

Looking forward today with a nervous stomach as I engage 100 percent now and give everything I have to seeing Clinton become the next president of the United States.