Hillary Wins-Dreams Do Come True

Since February of 2007, when Hillary Rodham Clinton declared her candidacy for President I have  been forever changed. I am not the type of person who looks up to other people. I respect, but never envy never think there is ever much difference between myself and other people. Then I met Hillary. Hillary mesmerized me with her fight, her intellect, and the oh so carefully planned life of public office she had laid out for herself and fulfilled. I had never been a part of politics. Heck voting wasn’t even important to me really.

As soon as the Clinton Campaign opened up their offices in Dover in August of 2007, I was there. I didn’t know  a thing about politics, canvassing, phone banking, any of it. I just wanted to be close to her. One day I am driving with my mom, a Floridian Republican and I see a sign for Hillary Clinton. She was going to be speaking at some low-income housing community center. I whipped the car around, my mother angry as a hornet as she detested the Clintons, and I had us at this little community housing center. I have had the privilege of hearing a lot of really great orators speak, including Bill Clinton on more than one occasion. Hillary swept me off my feet at that community center. Yep, for sure, crushing out on someone pretty up there age wise. I was smitten. I started as a volunteer who went to the office every single day, just to be  around the atmosphere that being a part of Hillary Clinton was all about.

Soon I was hired as staff, and got more opportunities to hear Hillary, meet Hillary, get to know her, and have tons of pictures of her with myself and my family. I have never believed in a cause or a person and their vision, and then came Hillary. I knew she was the person who should be president, and every day I knew it just a little bit more. I worked tirelessly sometimes 16 hour days. Hillary did it, so we did it too. I have never taken my style or persona from anyone, except Hillary Clinton.

Well we worked our asses off and she won NH by 2% points on primary day. Then it was over. She was gone. I fortunately got picked for the national campaign and travelled from one state to another. Boy what a lightening rod. Never have met a person who sparks such fierce intensity both positively and negatively. We all now what happened 8 years ago yesterday June 7, 2008-she conceded the race to Obama. Hell no I was still for Hillary, and on election day I wrote her in for President of the United States.

This primary election I was different and well so was Hillary. I saw her flaws now, so I didn’t jump into the campaign like I was expected to. I couldn’t get it together. Then this Spring as I distanced myself from her, email-gate, and other problems I started to think with Trump crushing the GOP side, and well Bernie being Bernie, and never a true democrat, I started getting those feelings on a mature level for Hillary. I was continually asked to join the campaign  and I didn’t.

Then two weeks ago a call that I knew might change my life came in. Are you in it through November for the general? Could this really happen? I debated, hedged, said yes, told my family and school no, but Sunday I got an email that did change my life. I got asked for a specific role that was part of the brains of the campaign. I said yes, I am in it through the general. Yes I realize I will be all over the country for 5 long months away from my Bella more than I feel comfortable with. They immediately hooked me up for yesterday from  New York. I was part of intense conversations, and changing priorities all day. I loved every minute of it. I knew she needed officially 71 delegates to clinch and it had already been declared on the superdelegates alone.

I was in New Hampshire but really in California yesterday. Her win in Cali was the defining moment of what has been a brutal relationship between Hillary and the Universe. I got to see my person in this world, who I look up to, who has taught me really what it means to work hard and really how to find your voice become a part of our country’s history forever.

I am so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity. My ex-wife told me, if I didn’t do this I would regret it for the rest of my life. I am in Washington DC today, actually I am late already. But I had to get this out. I strongly believe I am working for the next President of the United States. I will make sure I look good everyday for work, because when I get my photo opportunity I am seizing it completely!

I  feel for Bernie and his supporters. We were there 8 years ago yesterday. It sucks and you never really get over it. However, I am committed to doing everything and anything I can to ensure Hillary gets back to the White House.  What a time in our history. What a time for Hillary Rodham Clinton. No one has worked harder or fiercer than she has I don’t care who you throw out there against her. Polls mean nothing, but it is nice she holds a 10 point advantage over Trump and she hasn’t even gone to town on that fucker yet. Never mind the President Obama affect he will have on the American people. He will get the Sanders voters, since Sanders is such a sore sport and not a team player. Proving not be a Democrat or a Party comes first player. His character is in question with a lot of the DNC, funny I mention it when I work for HRC. She has had some miss steps, but has proven for long, she is the only person for this job.

I will not forget last night ever, the intro video leading up to her speech was crazy ending with her concession to Obama, exactly 8 years ago yesterday! I am most happy and this never mattered, but this opens the door for other women. I was never  a fan of Hillary because she was a woman, I thought she was always the strongest candidate hands down. Now my Bella who is rabid about Hillary needs to lead a squaeaky life for her dreams of now I can say running for President of the United States. For that gift, through all Hillary’s tireless work, I am most grateful that my little girl can dream as big as she possibly wants to. What a gift, a legacy to leave behind, and she isnt even President yet!


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