A New Evolution

I have been talking about presumably working on the HRC general election campaign for a couple of weeks now. Tonight two things have changed. One Madame Hillary has the number of delegates she needs going into today’s big primary in California, New Jersey, Ne Mexico and 3 other states. This makes working the campaign not a presumable task but an actual task. Second, yesterday I got written notification that I was accepted as a Fellow in the HRC campaign.  This is different than what I did before as a Fellow you get up close and personal with the politics themselves, as well as work your ass off.; all done with an overall academic presence.

I am sitting here during the maniac’s hours a bit overwhelmed. The thought of a new day dawning and a female president is right in front of us.  I have a meeting at school today to meet with advising to work out my situation.  I need to be sure I don’t end up losing my place at school and that I can more ahead with changing my major if possible.

I am excited about the opportunities to work on the presidential campaign as well as see what will happen during the next five months in our national history. I have to really focus hard on my plans and make solid plans ahead of time to see Bella, as much as possible. I am in unchartered waters for myself, as I haven’t had a full-time job since 2002 although I worked the campaign in 2008 and the primary these year. This is going to be full on tilt non-stop.

It might sound weird but I am interested in what the general is really going to look and feel like. Both Trump and Clinton will come out swinging hard punches, no doubt. It is time for me to think about all facets of my life as I move forward into new territory. I call this a new evolution yet it isn’t just about the campaign and HRC versus Trump as it is about me and my life and the turning points this brings to my life at this juncture. I am not settled down, I haven’t completed school, I am still a full time parent to Bella, and I have a needy pug, as well as an entire household to run. No one to do it for me, I am on my own. I see this is a challenge, one that scares me. I have been looking to be scared more often in my life’s pursuits. I think it is good practice and necessary to step out of your comfort zones.

I really didn’t think when I was approached by the campaign that I would ever seriously put up with working on the campaign full tilt and that I would forgo my schooling for a bit of time, to see this through.  Yesterday, I was one of the beta testers for a new calling system for the HRC Campaign . I made like 30 calls to California to test the new application out. It felt good to do that, and at that time I hadn’t heard back from the Campaign regarding the Fellow position, so I think it looked good for me to get out there and make those calls regardless if I had the Fellow position or not. I am happy that I was one of the first testers of the phone app. We were to make 12 calls, and I made thirty one calls, so I did put in an effort.

Today I have to start getting in touch with my life on all fronts. I have the school advising appointment and I have so much other planning to do.  I am super stoked about the opportunities that have come my way and I thank God for all the blessings in my Universe. I have gotten really fortunate and working with school today should really help me put forth my cause, in helping the campaign. It frees me to work as  much as I can now through the general election. Everybody working on the campaign will be in a new place, with the presidency on the line. I know they will bring in lots of seasoned politicos who will advise and help, and the Obama factor will be quite big.

I promised not to speak of specifics in politics, so I want to end this with a thanks to all the democratic and republicans that wanted to be president. Thank you for your time and service to this Country. We are down to the wire as the polls open soon. I will be busy today, with wondrous thoughts and feelings going into this New Evolution. It is something our country has never witnessed before.

Today I can name at least few comfort zones I am not in. The first is the summer situation with Bella. I am nervous to be away from her. The second is Julia Bleu, she so depends on me, and finding anyone to watch her is going to be tough. The third is school, and I want to be sure I get things just right. I don’t want any of my courses not to count and I don’t want to lose my membership in the honor society. I will have to write to them and explain what is going on, I really cant allow myself to slip up that way. The fourth way, I am out of my comfort zone, is just working this campaign through the general. My life is so free and without restrictions, and I feel almost like I am entering the military. However at the end of all of this, is an incredible once in life time opportunity, I have been fortunate to be a part of. One way or another history will be made, I probably should add working on a presidential election to my bucket list. This is my only shot at such an opportunity.