U-ME Our First Big Night is Here!

We have been having a great time spent the day at the beach yesterday. The weather has been beautiful. We took a nap from 4-6 then went out for take out seafood. We are truly enjoying ourselves. Love is in the air that surrounds us like a big bubble. I am so lost in Stephanie and she is lost right back at me. I don’t remember one person from yesterday. Everyone is so nice, but we  are completely in our own Universe.

Yesterday was interesting. We woke up and it just felt different. We talked about it was it just getting away or was it us realizing our feelings and not denying them anymore? We both thought it was great to get away but the difference is us. The way  we talk to one another, stand closer together, and yes have held hands on several occasions. I have never wanted to hold a person’s hand like I feel so compelled with Stephanie.

Today we are back at the beach for a bit before our big night gets started. To be quite honest as soon as we got in the car to leave it began to start. I feel like the luckiest person in this whole wide world. Tonight we will go to T-dance and  have a couple of drinks, and then come back to our place to get ready for our first date. We have great dinner reservations and we both love this place. It is the perfect place for us to embark on our new journey together.

Nervous about the night but I know it will be magical. It already is and we have waited so long and neither of us thought this would ever happen. I am on cloud nine and wish the time would pass more quickly. Stephanie has been so adoring and loving, and I am allowing myself to receive her completely. We have talked about it we don’t have an regrets about dragging things out this long. We realize we will spend our lives together and that makes each one of so over the moon happy.

I have tried to  imagine what will happen after we leave dinner. We will probably go for a walk on the beach, maybe bring a blanket and omg lay out and look up at the stars together. I can’t think beyond that, we will figure out what is right for us tonight but the first kiss will be so unbelievable!

Tomorrow we will officially be a couple. We are coming home and letting everyone know we are in relationship! Two long years has brought us to this very special day I will never forget the gift Stephanie gave today: hope in a forever love that will be magical and healthy for both of us. She gave me the gift to dream again, my eyes well up as I write this.  I never thought I would get this kind of a chance again.

Until tomorrow I wish you all a great holiday weekend. Oh and between you and me while we are at dinner, the hotel is going to place five dozens white and red roses in vases in our suite…..just didn’t want you to think I didn’t bring the very best Perrier Jouet champagne..  I have the best butterflies all over my insides.

I will be back to write more of our new life together: U-ME.