Understanding Needed

After the primaries and the vitriolic nature of the candidates and the citizenry of this country, coupled with the murders in Orlando, I think we all need to come to a general understanding. The understanding I am talking about is grouping an entire group of a certain type of people  into a class, and making them bad or good.

We don’t know if the attacks on the Pulse nightclub were from Muslim Extremists or bigots of the LBGT community. Although it matters to how law enforcement and the people of the country respond, the fact of the matter Saturday night’s massacre was purely driven by hate. I am a member of that community whether I am gay or ally I still am a member. Those were all our brothers and sisters, out on Saturday night having a good time.

We have politicians in this country who are all seizing  on this very tragic event to move their own political agendas ahead. No I am not bashing only Trump, everyone one in politics is weighing in with their two cents. What about clear and simple mourning of these innocent victims? They did not deserve to die in such a way.

What does it mean in the coming days or weeks for that matter? I don’t think  we will ever have a clue if this was purely a hate crime or an act of terrorism We have people, preachers in fact, who are praising the shooter and the loss of 50 plus lives. This is not okay. It is not a normal healthy response to murder.

We are a very diverse nation, and we have to learn at last to live and tolerate one another. We do not have to be friends, or support everyone’s causes, but every American in this country deserves the right to live no matter the race, religion, sexual orientation or any other difference

I don’t like to think what comes next after such a dramatic event when so much is scheduled to give other haters a chance to cast their own hate on a group of people. Listen up, not every Muslim is bad, I don’t believe that for a second. Many Muslim groups have come out and denounced the shootings in Orlando. I think there are a large group of extremists that need our country’s vigilance and a whole lot more. The shooter in Orlando, had been investigated twice by law enforcement to see if he had any ties to any of the terror groups. Stuff like this just can’t happen, he was able to legal purchase a semi-automatic machine gun as well. Call me crazy, I have no opinion on gun rights, but nobody needs a semi-automatic machine gun. It serves to only kill large groups of people when it falls into the hands of the wrong people.

I am aware, that my life is not been compromised in any direct way, but let me tell you, none of us are safe. Hate is the root of this all, and now everyone hates the people they think are responsible for these actions. I promise you one thing:  hate does not win over hate.. Hate destroys as we have borne witness to in centuries of fighting. Hate never wins and what needs to happen is so damn big, I shudder to think what it would take for this country, to change its views and just look at people  regardless of what labels they wear, and treat them solely as human beings. Give everyone the same rights, instead of  making this so politically divisive that it makes groups of people stand out for the wrong reasons. Why does it have to be about religion, or gender, sexual orientation or such? It makes no difference.

This is the United States, we are granted freedoms and liberties and without another moment’s hesitation, all American citizens should be given the same equalities. Without having to go before the Supreme Court, and making this a divisive conversation for our country as a whole.

Just grant equal rights promised to us, and let all Americans have the same rights and freedoms. It is not fair when a minority group does not have equality; to make their rights into a debate. That wasn’t what our forefathers were thinking when they wrote the Constitution and the first 10 items, which are the Bill of Rights.