Chaos-The Election is Not About Partys but More Aptly put is Determined by Pottys-Sexism Runs Rampant in These Elections

Life has been so crazy I haven’t properly enjoyed the maniac’s hours with newly acquired coffee, and Adderall for the epic golden elixir!  Julia Bleu is right here with me, and I am really happy.  I opted for the maniac’s hours over any sleep so tomorrow should be a bit interesting.  Usually I have something I have been working on regarding my early morning writing, and much remains to be done on that front with my mammoth post of the “Illness of My Discontent.”  However, today has been a  bit off, so I checked out with the Daily Prompt at WordPress, and came across Chaos.

Wow, when I think of chaos for even a brief second, my head and mind our filled up with our primary elections.  They are winding down, and the truth scares me to death.  I don’t think there is a stand alone candidate who is ready to be the next President of the United States.  I believe and I have not heard a thing, vice-presidential candidates in  this race are truly going to matter.  A lot.  I have heard Trump might be  thinking to pick Ben Caron if he is even interested.  This would supposedly help Trump with the African American vote-seems to me he has not a clue that this group of people has been played for too long, and they know where their vote belongs.  I have also heard Trump may pick a woman.  My gosh, what woman would ever work for him?  Don’t answer the visions are popping into my front brain, and they cant be viable candidates I am certain.  So what does that leave for Madame Hillary?  Don’t quote me I just read it fast, but is there something to be decided soon in the case of Madame Clinton?  Is it more just of email-gate or is it something new?  For her I cant imagine who she would pick for her ticket… this one up to the DNC? Speaking of chaos what about Bernie?  I honestly wish he would go away, his visions of him making a mess at the convention, seem too real,they will get played out.  He really needs to get behind Hillary, and most importantly encourage his voters to vote for her.  Something about him, that rubs me the wrong way, will have Bernie standing at the convention, saying folks, “I cant ask my supporters to vote for Hillary because even though I am not the candidate, I am still too riled to do right by the party”-the party he just joined to run this election.  People think Trump is a problem? What about Bernie Sanders not playing for the team ultimately-it surely would be so fitting.

Chaos it seems runs from happy to panicked, and we haven’t even talked to the average American voter. Are you even able to venture a thought or a fancy beyond Obama’s last day?  I surely can’t I think politically we are a nation in dire trouble, before we even get to the issues that will immediately plague the incoming President. I want to laugh, because I usually laugh at sick and twisted jokes.  But this one my friends strikes way too close to home, and I think immediate intervention is needed for both parties alike. I don’t think people are going to feel very safe and there welfare taken care of seriously.  I know Hillary is better than most, but she too needs a strong running mate, or never mind being president-my gosh could it really go to Trump?  What is wrong with the people of this country? Do they just don’t care and think it will be funny?  I for one, think it is time to get our acts together….we need to ensure that we don’t just fall, nor  fall apart.  It appears what the Republicans want to really do-sink us fast and sink us quick, for whatever reason too many men would rather die, then live in a country run by Madame Clinton.  One thing I have learned lately from lots of news and social media, is that sexism is a live and well;and for that we might all just live through hell.  I hope and I pray they hold the morons accountable, who thought it was funny to vote in Trump. No way, would they ever consider Clinton, it is a sad time and a real time in our politics as they are.

Forget party lines, as soon as this circus is concluded, I am going to work to see women elected.  Point for point they are more temperate, and they build consensus where ever they go.  I think I will say on public record, this race is not about which party, but more aptly called what is your potty? With the shit storm of a mess of toilet-gate do you realize how absurd we look to the rest of the world?  Most people just don’t care…..perhaps they stopped caring before this election, but this election has made it clear we are filled with apathetic, divisive in all directions, and mean is shit people, who will turn on their cable news for four years, holding a beer, and laughing like jackasses.  I think I will make it my personal plight to have the people who put Trump at the top, accountable first and foremost, when this country goes to hell in a handbasket. I have a family member, who isn’t speaking too loudly these days, and would rather go to jail the to vote for THAT liar Hillary Clinton.  Got news for all of you, that will be held accountable, probably a word to big for your four letter vocabulary, but THEY all lie, and yes Clinton gets a lot when she speaks, we can see it bothers you, as you nothing but green with envy, and nothing but wetbacks behind the ears, when it comes to your man Donald Trump.

So now that I have covered some vile ground, I think it is good self-care if you like, to create your own sort of chaotic life-maybe perhaps it will make these next four years not so bad, if I create my own madness for myself and all those like me who can not stand to bear this great nation go out with a flame, with nobody thoughtful enough, to have thought what IF this was going to happen?  I would love to know how the bookies are calling it in Vegas, which is where the news will probably come for the next 4 years.  Forget solid journalism and Pew Foundation Polls.  It is the odds in Vegas that might just truly matter.  Things couldn’t be getting any more comfortable for the Trump.  Good Luck guy, you need so much more, but since your going to bring us down, fix your fucking joke of hair.