Creating Ourselves Everyday

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook in reference to creating ourselves everyday, and earlier in the week I touched upon creating myself as a blogger.

I think both are timely concepts and probably are filled with much over lap. My friend was speaking in generalities and I will speak to my specifics.

As I mentioned this week figuring out who we are and who we want to be is a major hurdle. Then doing the necessary work to bring truth and authenticity to yourself is a whole other hurdle that we work on our entire life. We do not stay the exactly same person once we get to a place of solid self-truth and authenticity. We are always in motion. From our bodies to our minds through various thoughts and actions on our parts.

I have recently done some deep personal digging to get at my truth. I believe my friend and I might disagree here, although I am not positive. Our truth exists without our interjection. That is, it exists already as we truly are standing nekkid in this world. We may not like our truths, and my friend would argue we are what we believe we are. I disagree. We are what we really are,

period.  Whether we want to own certain truths or not. I am not suggesting that society decides who and what you are ultimately. That does fall on you ultimately. But before the ultimate is the actually-where and who are you right now? That truth is one that is as hard as swallowing a jagged pill without water. Try it sometime. Try swallowing a jagged pill dry. I promise you won’t forget the experience.

I may want to be a certain person, but just because I say I am doesn’t mean it’s true. It is my want and my desire, but on closer inspection am I truly empirically that person? Just deciding to call myself a blogger doesn’t make me a blogger. I think three solid daily months of nearly 300 posts makes me a new blogger. Yet I yearn to be a blogger. Not new, or becoming, just plain “a blogger.” Who makes that decision on my truth? You are right I do, which is what my friend would argue from the start. However, I suggest and believe as a person aspiring to authenticity you must have goals and achievements  to earn a title or a desired characteristic, Calling yourself kind and compassionate doesn’t make you either. “Being” and living those things brings truth and brings them to be a part of you. Too many people take the easy way out. They pontificate about being this, or that, and quite frankly a lot of the time you needn’t be a rocket scientist to see that isn’t someone’s truth at this moment.

This is where creating ourselves comes into play. I believe most of us live closer to the truth we aspire than we don’t. However, I believe each one of us has a list of things or truths about ourselves that we haven’t actualized yet. Not because society says so, but based on pure fact and empirical information. We all know when we stretch our truths from actual to desired. We all have done it and usually we are not aware of what it is we are doing or overlooking. Wants and desires can be so powerful we take them as our truths whether it is the case or not.

Who can judge you on these truths about yourself. You, first and most. But I dare to be politically incorrect and say society has a say in defining our truth. If society doesn’t believe after one blog post I am a blogger, is that wrong? I don’t think 300 posts makes me anything but a new blogger. We can’t dismiss societal opinion because it might not fit with our paradigm of our self constructed beings. If I want to be a blogger, I need to earn that and I earn that by blogging daily for a long number of posts. There are of course no hard and fast rules to our own truths and realities, but to be authentic and to be true I think we all know what is needed to make a desired part of ourselves a reality. We  just have to be honest and true all the way around.

I want to be a blogger whose site is sought out by hundreds of thousands to read. I am really far from my truth at this moment. However everyday I am true to that truth in blogging, and creating my online persona, I get just that much closer to my ultimate goal and truth. Authenticity just doesn’t happen.  It takes determination, courage, strength and most of all humility to claim our authentic beings in a way that aligns with our desires and wants.

I am Corey. I desire to be a name people on the internet know because I write. My writing makes them think. Makes them better people, and evokes the change in the world I want to see. I am far from that-but give me and let me give myself a couple of years, and it will be my truth and it will be part of my authenticity……