I Have Realized a New Level of Love and Cause

Today has been a day of grand proportions in the self-realization of myself in relationship to my on-going relationship to the LBGTQIA community and more specifically as an ally to the transgender community I have involved myself with over the last two years.

Having been away on vacation for ten days and spent time with the woman I am destined to marry, and speaking by phone to the woman I absolutely love with all of my being in what has to be a non-sexual way, I have realized a realization of grand proportions that will forever change my destiny and improve my life’s purpose and most importantly serve the community I have come to partake in as a friend rather than as my calling as an activist.

I started my Facebook page with a main focus in the transgender community I desired to be an ally to over two years ago. I am not transgender but being gender fluid as I like to say, and know to be true by my intersexed birth and my duality as a boi/girl, I thought since I was attracted and liked achingly beautiful and brilliant women, well then the male to female transgender community was a good place for me to set up a social media home and I set out with a mere five friends in the very beginning.

I have since morphed from those five original friends to a friends list of just under 5,000 which is the limit on Facebook before you need to set up a fan page. I have been hovering at the 5,000 mark for a while and needed to clean up my too large of a friend’s list but as always never took the time or had the timely resources to make it a priority.

As many of you know I am a politico and have just come off working on a presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. Debates or arguments aren’t warranted we are all entitled to our opinions and I had worked for her as well in 2008. I am well aware of her flaws and short-comings, at least to some degree, and knew in my heart she was not a savory candidate as the election results would purely indicate on election night.

I thought I knew myself  a lot better than I obviously did. I was sure my role with the transgender community was as an ally but not to be so. When the unthinkable happened and Trump won the election fairly and squarely I felt called to duty. I told people I was looking for the right group to join. Little did I know I would start my own group on Facebook and lead that with a fellow friend who is in fact transgender. Michelle and I brainstormed Rainbow Nation and I wrote up it’s mission statement and put, and designed the page on Facebook and my blog, and Michelle began by inviting people she knew from her community that would be good fits into our group.

Our mission is different than most because we are for equality for all people not just the transgender community; and we are not for equality with leaving the transgender community out of it. We are not haters, we are peaceful, law-abiding people who will protest in peaceful demonstrations and march in marches, and campaign openly and overtly for equality of all types, whatever the medium might be.

All this happened really quickly as I think things like this do for a couple of reasons. One, we were excited and wanted to get ourselves formed and running, to be effective as soon as possibly, and two, this was all new to me. I had never joined anything political before and know the time had come for me to jump into the political arena but not as a campaign worker but as a special interest group.

Not knowing these seeds were in me, as been quite the awakening experience. I was so sure my role of ally was clear and finally I had been accepted by most and tried as hard as I could to maintain open contact with as many friends as I possibly could in any given day.

I am surprised by a lot of things. For instance, how easily it was for me to form Rainbow Nation and jump into my role as administrator and share the control of the group with Michelle. We had to go to a set-up of pre-approving members for the group, and I had taken on that role as founder of the group. However, yesterday I made Michelle a moderator so she could approve people in the group as well, and share the equality which is what we are all about, We are all equal members with everyone having one equal vote, except Michelle and I as administrator and moderator can make other decisions that affect the group and need to be made without a group vote such as organizational and practical matters.

I feel at a bit of a loss leaving my group as an ally and social being, but I know my role as activist is where I am supposed to be and where my calling as a person lays within our society. I am no  longer okay being on the sidelines, and I see change as so necessary that I need to be personally involved and not waiting for others to protest or march, or write letters or even make phone calls. The time is now for America, as we are at significant crossroads and the stakes have never been higher for the LGBTQIA community. So much work has happened under the Obama administration and the threat to our equality for some is very real, and for others equality is further away than it has ever been. We must fight and represent our brothers and sisters and do right by them in garnering equality for all people including the transgender community. Women, people of different ethnicities, Muslims, and people of different religions all fall under Rainbow Nation and will be represented by us as we move forward with building our numbers in members and building our base of our group with work that needs to be done yesterday. There is a dire urgency to get this moving, and not waste one day.

If the new administration is ready to go in January, then we will be to. We will not let one day of the Trump administration pass without taking actions and building plans for a more equal America and a safer country for all our people of minority status no matter what it might be. Rainbow Nation, as it was created, stands behind every person of race, ethnicity, gender orientation, sexual preference, and anything else that might lead to put you under attack with this new administration.

I am blessed to have found my way, and be given a forum in which to make my best effort to get together with collectively like-minded people and work as one united group to fight to make a difference for today and every day of a voice that goes unheard or is shut out of the bigger conversation. We are here as a megaphone of sorts to provide a larger voice to a larger group with steadfast determination and without hesitation for the future of each and everyone of us. If someone or any group remains without equality or anti-discrimination laws than our job is not done, and we will not rest. This is Rainbow Nation.