In Miami……

We are at the Marriott in downtown Miami and it s beautiful. Beautiful people, landscape, beautiful company. The food looks delicious too.

I have been thinking a lot about the space I took from Stephanie and why I did it and how I did it. I couldn’t be happier and neither could she as she thinks I had one last hump to get over to really settle down for life with her.

It was nothing about Stephanie in a way-she was by default the perfect girl for me and it scared me to death. The utter thought of another divorce is not something I would survive with Stephanie. My ex-wife was bad enough as it crushed my romantic  forever and a day, heart and soul.

I couldn’t bear to lose Stephanie for any reason, so when I had the opportunity to get deep into the Clinton Campaign i took it.

I missed her every day and thought about her every night when I went to sleep alone after spending every day and night with her

We are in such a different place now-we are a done deal and we are both really confident that we are meant to be forever and a day.

Stephanie is in the shower and it is all I can do to not join her-I would but we have to get going to make it to dinner reservations and hit the clubs for a rare late night out together.

As I am down in Florida, I am keenly aware of a year ago. At that time the junkie who had been in my life and tossed me on my head, contacted me out of the blue and it started a downward spiral nobody could predict for me. She came back from out of nowhere and cunningly wiggled her way back into my life.

Let’s just say this year is 200 percent different and better and I am with the person I am supposed to be with. This is true without compromise and her pain pills addiction with her benzo addiction. I was so naïve and knew nothing about junkies or addiction, and I guess I had sucker written all over my face.

However, that was last year, and this year is a whole new year with truth triumphant with the love of my life Stephanie.

I  was in love with Stephanie then and in denial and Stephanie was standing on the sidelines painfully watching me let my morals and values go down the drain with the junkie. Thankfully, the junkie lived up to her words that had no true meaning, and I booted her to the curb without nary a second glance. It set me back though, as I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for her crap and her illnesses and let my life get so close to her rabid person.

All that is in the past, but I won’t forget what the time with the junkie was like and how awful and unhealthy it was. Comparing Stephanie to the junkie is not even possible. Stephanie is a stellar, achingly beautiful and brilliant woman and the junkie belongs in a stall with filthy pigs high on pain pills. I hope I haven’t left any doubts on what the junkie put me through and what type of street urchin she truly is……..

Stephanie is out of the shower and looking fabulous and like a million dollars!  Gosh. I am so freaking lucky!

We are not the time to go out to clubs except in NYC, but Miami has the same energy and night life and we are getting all dressed up for a night on the town. I am already dressed and ready and just waited on my girl. This could take some time, as Stephanie is fastidious about getting ready to go out.

I am going to order vodka tonics from downstairs and get Stephanie some cheese and fruit.

She says she needs another 20 minutes which isn’t bad and I am actually going to go downstairs and get the drinks and cheese and fruit.

I leave our suite and head to one of the bars on the bottom of the hotel. I order the drinks and cheese but I am told I can not bring them up to the room. They have special staff who can only do it, so I charge the drinks and cheese to our room and head back up empty handed.

Stephanie is so surprised to see me that quickly and I explain to her that I couldn’t bring up the drinks.

She asks me to come see her and she plays with my hair and said, “We don’t have to go out tonight.” I was feeling the same way but knew we had to take advantage of being in little Havana for the evening. She is forlorn, and  don’t know what to do. There is a knock on the door and i know it is our drinks and Stephanie’s cheese.

I tip the service and I bring Stephanie her drink and cheese. We have a couple of toasts to being in Florida and putting this year and the junkie behind us. The drinks are perfect, Grey Goose and diet sprite and extra lime.

We get on the bed and Stephanie eats her cheese. She is so happy and so radiant. Neither one of us could be happier. It was a great idea to come down here and spend some time alone and away from my parents.

I got a call from Bella that they had arrived safely and were heading home.

I missed her very much and it was hard sometimes to give both Stephanie and Bella as much of me as they both wanted.

I told Stephanie she only had 10 minutes before we had to leave for our reservation. I got up and checked my tussled hair and touched up my bronzer. I am easy to get ready as I am very low maintenance.

We finished our drinks and Stephanie looked fabulous! We shared a long kiss and pried ourselves apart.

We grabbed our IDS and my black Amex and headed for the door. Stephanie, turned around before opening the door, grabbed my hand and said, “Corey Britton you are stuck with me for the rest of your life.” I kissed her deeply and we headed for the elevator as we headed out for a night in Miami.