Frame of Mind

It is the start of Corey’s Chronicles Hours and I must leave for my daughter’s volleyball game.

It has been a fabulous day productivity-wise and I am now on my third post plus a private post for myself that I may post at a later time.

Wow some days, the feelings coupled with the words and the fire in the brain all come together and a fabulous display of pure bliss is elicited from the powerful and sacred combination.

It is not often I feel like I do right now without a golden elixir which is not any part of this beautiful combustive day.

I am left speechless at my prose that despite me flew right from my fiery brain through my sparking fingertips onto the electronic pages. I could probably right even more and may see where I am taken by my fire and my thoughts. Could it be that it started with my mind in the Holy Bible this morning? No I don’t mean to give God credit for my writing just because I wrote with inspiration today, but is what I read so inspiring to my soul and flooded the other vials of myself with pure inspiration, and a lightness of writing, I have yet to really ever experience for such a protracted amount of time.

I must stop here and ready myself for the volleyball game. I will return shortly to finish this blog of my frame of mind and I will bring a tiny notebook to write down any words or ideas of inspiration that should come to me.


I am back from the volleyball game and I am happy to report on a couple of things. First Bella was on fire in the third game and served out the last five game winning serves. Not really a big deal until you are appraised that Bella’s weakest part of her game is her serve and she is lucky to usually get one or two over the net at most! So that was exciting! The second part was my brain continued to be on fire and I really wasn’t able to talk to anyone but I was able to write in my little three-ring notebook. Days like today are pure bliss and I am grateful for perhaps my inspirational reading I spent my maniac’s hours invested in the Holy Bible and it is not very usual for my brain on fire is not usually able to be deciphered for the cornucopia of thoughts running a blaze through my brain.

Today with my brain on fire in my frame of mind in ready to receive mode, I was able to write whatever helpful and useful thoughts came from my mind. I was able to discern my  thoughts on a variety of topics and cohesively put together prose and finished prose that flowed with ease from my fiery brain to the electronic page. I think it is important for myself and my doctors to capture a day where I was able to keep up with the pace oddity of my thoughts propelling from my fiery brain in a way my mind has been able to keep cadence with it all day.

The marrying of my writing and my brains thoughts is a rarity that I now ponder as a possibility if perhaps I start by working my brain first in the maniac’s hours with reading that is all new to me and sets up my brain and mind in a duality that I have rarely experienced before. I am very aware that this day of amazing writing productivity was started by reading all new material for my mind to process and perhaps started my mind at a higher level similar yet still different to my fiery brain but close enough to string together more than a day’s worth of writing that was almost effortless.

I have one more post I would like to post tonight or at least get the bones of it written to finish tomorrow after my reading that I will once again due during the maniac’s hours. I will finish this ah-ha writing of a day with a simple word of Grace to the God above. I feel blessed to have had a day like this when I have lots to be down and out about but didn’t spend one minute down or contemplating my surgeries or appointments starting tomorrow.

Today was a shear gift of of what it is like to have pure mania align with a mind that for once kept pace and didn’t lose its grounding with the thoughts peppering

I awoke today on Tuesday, October 18, and read from the Holy Bible through the maniac’s hours. I am in parallel again with my fiery brain and my mind which is once again keeping up with my brain on fire. I am incredulous that I could possibly have two days of epic writing and that perhaps my mind is starting to keep pace with the pace oddity of my fiery brain.

I am off to a surgery appointment and I will return to write a lot more on a number of subjects as I meld my fiery brain and my mind that in comparison has been in a slumber reaction wise to my brain.

I relish the thoughts of my fiery brain and my minds ability to capture most of them on electronic paper. I shall return with new posts, and new thoughts that I am eager to write about and am angry I have an appointment with my knee surgeon today that wastes time from my precious writing.