Agree to Disagree

I have been blogging about the Don and the fact that the Republicans don’t have a viable candidate.

I have been also talking to people and every single conversation turns personal. Just because I am a Clinton supporter doesn’t mean I don’t see her flaws or that is why I have such issues with the Don.

I want the Republicans to have a viable candidate this is America for gosh sakes! I don’t want the election handed to HRC or anybody!

Why can’t people talk about difficult things and leave their egos or whatever it is out of it? Is it because I was on the debate team in prep school? Honestly I don’t take anything personally even when it is meant to be taken personally.

These our my thoughts and feelings without Corey involved in the middle of it all. Can we start having discussions that don’t turn to fights but instead lead to a greater understanding of one another so maybe just maybe we learn something new from one another?

I am the person who follows the opponent 100 percent. I want to know what the other side thinks and feels so I know if my thoughts are well placed or need to be aligned.

I am neither a Democrat or Republican. I am Corey Britton and I love politics and everything that is right with politics. I would even enjoy talking about all that is wrong with politics to get us to a better more tempered place.

If someone wants to have a rail on Hillary discussion I am open-minded enough and don’t wear blinders that I could probably come up with more flaws of her’s than the most vitriolic Hillary hater. I am okay with that!

Am I alone or in a major minority here? This isn’t about me and it isn’t about you. It is about our beloved country that we care enough to even get involved in a discussion of politics today.

Open up your minds people and with that your eyes. I know if you did you may not like Hillary one ounce more but you would be concerned about the Don. You would see that he is not okay and any other person who publicly made the statements he made would be first arrested and then probably sent to the psych ward. I am not laughing and I don’t think it is funny or good for anyone’s politics.

I want the Republican’s to have a viable candidate so at least it is an authentic election. End of story. That is my goal and my mission right now. Hillary is doing her thing but honestly I think she must be scared at all the inciting things pouring out of Don’s mouth and into the ears of his unsteady cast of followers. Nothing about this is okay. At some point people thought it would be funny but it isn’t. The Republicans have a large number of viable candidates one who I like more than HRC but screwed himself not being honest. He had all the right goods. He dropped out fairly early but boy did he have a legitimate shot.

Please let us come together. Let’s not become anymore divided. We all want this country to thrive and we all want to thrive as well. We have commonality here folks. Let’s talk. Talking amongst one another or on-line which can get pretty messy. But you have a voice and you should be heard. I will listen to anybody who has something to say because they care about the future of this country.

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