Do You Feel The Burn Bernie? It’s Hillary’s Time!

Thank you New York, for making the statement heard around the world last night, as Secretary Hillary Clinton captured New York and the rest of the nation and world. It is all but a done deal…Mhillary clintonr. Sanders, better start easing up and stop splintering the party, because that is all he has been doing since he actually did lose his mind and believe he would or could win New York.  Not a chance, my old man with good intentions.  Last time I looked the world was filled with good intentions, and not much else. You  blew it with your interview with the New York Daily Post…Bernie needed to learn this presidency is more than great promises that don’t stand a chance in hell of being carried out, and he is the first to admit he has no answers nor plans for what he has been promising.

Secretary  Clinton is a warrior; she will not stop fighting for all Americans to have a better quality of life with more opportunities for the disenfranchised.  Bring on Trump, a fool’s fool, who is going to get a smacking lesson of what policy and diplomacy are all about by Secretary Clinton. We have waited, and the waiting was worth it, as President Obama did as a good a job as anybody during the last eight years.  I believe it is much more Secretary Clinton’s time now, then it was eight years ago.  President Obama will finish his job by going out and supporting Secretary Clinton as only he can do.  Nobody is really talking about the “Obama Factor.”  He holds the key for Clinton and her long journey back to the White House.  Nobody can persuade people and gather them collectively like President Obama.

Who is going to stump for Trump?  Exactly, the Republicans are sunk and it is too bad.  Those people who voted for Trump and his inevitable nomination are not going to think it is so funny when President Obama and Secretary Clinton join forces and present the one-two punch.  Email-gate, White-Water, Bill and Monica, it doesn’t matter.  Let Trump call her ugly!  She will look beautiful in the Oval Office, I promise.  Secretary Clinton has  weathered every storm, and is now going to make history and continue what President Obama set out to do.  Nothing is more sweeter than this moment for all of us ready to build up the United States once again, lead by Madame President Clinton.