Second Amendment and Hillary Clinton-Time is up on Don

Here is where I have had enough of the Don and his hysterics over the presidential election. He has baited uneducated people filled with hate that they can turn to guns if she is elected and thus basically start a civil war?

For starters this Don is a danger to the well-being of our country. His selection as a presidential candidate has simply gone out the window. Members of his own party as well as plenty of other people like Dan Rather, who took to the Facebook airwaves to give his own rant about the unfit Don, are accumulating in numbers.

Each day the Don comes out with something a little bit more unbelievable and even more for a potential president of the United States. I can’t not write about this it isn’t democrat vs republican. It is Don is a sick man of multiple sorts I will not try to diagnosis him but lest he suggest people with guns could hurt Hillary Clinton this game of cards has gone too far to continue. The Republicans must dispose of him and get another candidate to have an election I am not suggesting that it be given to Hillary Clinton.

The Don is unravelling and he has enough uneducated followers who will do as he says sadly enough.  He has been making all kinds of crazy inane statements and truth be told what has got him all riled up is the issue of debating Clinton. He is scared to death of it and is falling apart. I am in no means happy to see this happen to any human being but especially not a presidential candidate who could win the oval office. Nobody will be safe. Whether you are an American or not. The world is petrified of the Don- rightly so let’s give this  unstable man the codes to the nuclear weapons at his disposable. Whether he uses them against certain Americans or against another country is not even a funny joke it isn’t even a bad joke-it is not funny in the least.

In a new poll today 19 percent of Republicans want Trump removed another 10 percent say they aren’t sure. 70 percent those with guns and calling people n**GERS. f**gots, and Hilary is a whore want him to stay they are praying for a wild wild west! Not in America! We have come to far to go back and take back rights of people we have fought so hard to get equality.

This is not democrats versus republicans you don’t have to like her but she is a safe bet to hand over the nuclear codes unlike the Don. Anyone else acting like the Don would be locked up in a psych unit!

Add substance to the conversation don’t go for HRC’s jugular. Say something to move this country forward. I dare you to think hard enough to say something that is meaningful and not meaningless.