A Bend of Time……..?

I have been pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to work on one of the presidential campaigns through the election and possibly longer.  Please hold your judgement I worked for her in 2008 and felt much differently about Madame Clinton back during that campaign.  I know she is a liar, takes big money from the street, and has countless other unsavory deals surrounding her persona.  This blog isn’t about Hillary it is about me-a person who might just make a bend in time.

I am a full-time student working on my Ph.D.  I had plans to be in Cambridge come this very fall.  I was and am going to take one course online. It is a  programming course I just dropped because of my fall and injuries.  I have to agree to longer than 40 hour work weeks for starters. That is not a problem I have never had a work week that was less than 80 hours.  I must be available whenever they need me, perhaps even willing to move around the country up until election day.

This opportunity just fell in my lap, as I worked very little for her during most of the primary season.  But what an opportunity to work for perhaps the first female president of the United States.  I am torn a bit, I know I will miss much of Bella’s activities this summer right up to election day in November.  I had a plan, and yes they do often change, but because of my medical situations they have already been altered quite a bit from the original plan that I conceded to follow for my next step in my educational journey.

Do you turn down an opportunity to work for a presidential candidate? I am so close to politics and know her enough, that it would be not very prudent to say no. The one disadvantage I would have working pretty darn soon, is that I am not interested in Washington or a future position there I know for certain. My life, from the personal, to the academic, and politics needs a complete review and overhaul. My personal life is just taking off with a remarkable person, I love very much. She supports me in whatever I do, but usually I am so passionate its rather contagious.  This time in 2016, I am not the rabid devotee I was back in 2008. I think she is a good choice, but as I blogged this morning, who she picks as a running mate is of great concern.  For the first time in my lifetime this is the first presidential election, where the vice presidential candidates not only count, but will impact the overall status of the presidential candidate.  Again as I blogged, and I did not know of this opportunity, I think Clinton-Sanders makes for a ticket that a lot of Americans might be able to grasp.

This isn’t a dream come true, this time in 2016.  I care very much and would love to see and be a

part of Madame Clinton’s bid to the White House.  However, I can’t really factor out the costs for such a decision with such a short time of notice.  Suffice it to say, she would own me from anytime next week until election day. My academics and my time spent with Bella are precious to me.  Bella is 13 and the time is running short before she is off on her own.  I have taken more time to get to Cambridge, but for this summer my considerations are just one intensive programming class, with an over the top of work amount due, and my time with Bella that grows so much in the summer, would be cut back. I would be missing swim meets and days at camps.  These are things although temporary I have never given any time up with my daughter.  Is Madame Clinton, and her bid to make history worth that to me and my personal life?

I certainly do not know the answers to that now, but tonight and this weekend I need to speak deeply with Stephanie about all my options, coming up. All of a sudden everything changes like that, and I usually am the one leading pack saying, “Go.”

So ultimately is it a place for me to put a bend into my time? It is only June going to straight to the election day the first week in November. This weekend as I read more about the politico landscape, and figure out my personal life with my dear Stephanie, it will all come together, this one mess of a life, called my very own.  I will know in my heart if a bend of time is required for a once in lifetime opportunity of sorts.