U-ME The Morning After: Our Konnection

We slept like we had never slept before-completely intertwined as if we couldn’t get close enough. And the night wear had changed. It changed a lot of things if you smell what I am stepping in.

Stephanie is a remarkably attractive woman and to see and feel her so close was pure magic. Chemistry? We got it and it is a huge konnection we had no idea whether it would exist or not.  I awoke around 4 am and just laid still with Stephanie. I had my motives but I wasn’t sure we were on the same page with timing. Stephanie awoke (with a little help) at 5:15 am. She was on the same page we shared the same intentions and the next hours we shared together we crossed over from friends to lovers. It was more than magical. It was crazy konnected beautiful love shared by two new lovers so ready for this moment. It was filled with passion, a deep passion-the waiting had built this up to be BIG. I have never experienced being with a person like I did being with Stephanie. I learned until Stephanie what I thought was making love wasn’t and there was this incredulous konnection our bodies and minds created together. If we were creating music it would have been jazzy. It was a amalgamation of sensory over loads that made time stand still, and wiped everything including my daughter out of my mind-it was just Stephanie and I. Together. Intimacy had never seemed so epic before. I don’t think I ever loved the way I loved Stephanie. I loved her first as a best friend and my rock, and then I made love with her with the hunger that only cosmic lovers share. Carnal? You bet. Safe and delicate? Yes that too. It was a plethora of sensations and emotions where I was completely in the moment with her and she with me. To say it was worth waiting for is the understatement of the century.

We finally decided that we needed to eat and probably get out. Neither of us knew the time. Stephanie doesn’t ask for anything and last night she asked if we could leave our phones downstairs. I agreed. Best decision for sure. The clock on the microwave said 1:45 pm. I had no idea where the time went and where the hell we journeyed through our intimate time together. I was dehydrated and starving which for  being anorexic is a good thing, because it meant my body wanted to eat and I was going to feed it. It had  just received the best gift of love and konnection between two definitely meant to be together lovers.  We decided to shower quickly forget about hair, mine is short so its easy and her’s is shoulder length so she could pile it  up on top of her head wet. We wanted to put on our bathing suits and then throw on shorts and shirts over then so we could do eat at  the water bar and grille right down the street. I finished and was ready first. I had made a playlist of songs for us with Teenage Dream by Katy Perry being our theme song for our endless summer. I put it on and looped it. Stephanie came out of the bathroom just beaming. We both had that too happy look going on between the two of us.

We headed out and it was warm and I felt really in need of food and something a couple things to drink. We got to the water-side bar and grille and got seated right away. We each ordered two beverages and asked to put in an order for crab cakes at the same time. I couldn’t take my eyes off my girlfriend. Oh my, felt very weird just to think that. I was with her now and she was my girl and I was all hers…..

We ate and definitely felt better. She was so happy and so at ease I wasn’t sure what to expect this could have played out a thousand different ways. We had one more night at the hotel before we headed back on Monday. We went to the beach and found a space easily as a lot of people were already clearing out. It  was after 4 pm. I thought we could relax and talk on the beach and then maybe go to the gourmet food shoppe and get stuff to eat at the suite tonight. I was a bit quiet I guess, just feeling so happy and loved dazed that Stephanie asked me if something was wrong. I told her know quite the opposite and then we talked about the logistics of  the next couple of hours. We were both in agreement about wanting to eat in tonight.

We laid in the sun as it was heading slowly down. She grabbed my had and held it tight. She gave me three squeezes and I knew exactly what she meant. I squeezed back three times as well. We left the beach around 6:30 pm and needed to go back to the suite to get the car to go get dinner. When we got back to the suite Stephanie caught me off guard with a come from behind full-body squeeze, and kissed me. It still felt so different we had morphed in a matter of hours from best friends to steadfast lovers.

We got to the store and picked up some prepared food for dinner. There wasn’t a liquor store around which we already knew so we had brought stuff to make mudslides. We just needed milk and some ice. We were all set and Stephanie just looked at me and said it like I want her to say it again and again, “I love you Corey Britton.” It was such an amazing feeling and I couldn’t remember a time since my marriage when I was this so purely happy. We fit together so well on all levels. We shared the same values and wants, we were both really attracted to each other, and we had that konnection of two years of being the very best of friends. I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us once we got back to the suite. I wanted everything. I wanted to be still and close, I wanted to be intimate again, I wanted to make drinks and eat and talk like only we can do. We always without a doubt have the best conversations. There are no pregnant pauses with us.  We got back to the suite and got the groceries inside. We kissed a U-ME kiss, I don’t know how to describe this kiss we share! We hugged each other tightly, I felt so happy, so loved, so safe, and madly passionate all at the same time for my new girlfriend, Stephanie………