Truth or Dare

I just figured out why all the chaos and mayhem in so many facets of our country today. We are playing a big game of Truth or Dare!

I won’t point out for you politically who is what and what represents whom. Headlines are being made each day regarding our candidates, and our President and the war on terror for that matter. It doesn’t get stranger or more complicated or does it?

This weekend is a big weekend for all kinds of news in our country. Gay Pride is scheduled to be celebrated in New York City, and I believe Hillary Clinton will be there. Will there be another awful massacre? I pray to God there isn’t. The candidates will undoubtedly make headlines for themselves, not quite in the way they hope to.

I think personally, Trump is starting to get roughed up a little unfairly. Yesterday he reached out to the LBGT community and gave a noteworthy speech, although he is against gay-marriage and will have it repealed if he is elected. He simply got asked a question, and his answer was simply. “Ask the gays.” This became a hashtag #goaskthegays  and went viral on twitter all through the day and night. You know I know Trump does not support the LBGT community but his answer was pretty benign to take the flack it did and so we need to carefully look at what we are doing.

Also noteworthy and if you want to know what makes me ireful  is Mr. Sanders. This weekend a bunch of his supporters are getting together somewhere out in the West to figure out their game plan. Obviously Mr. Sanders is not a party first guy, hey he just became a democrat for this this election for gosh sakes. Now he says he will work to defeat Trump, but he has yet to say he will help Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t matter who I want in office, there are protocols that politicians are supposed to follow. He has done none of them, except lay out his demands for the democratic party, which he just joined. Happy to have  such a decent man on the Democratic side, although he is not playing by the rules and it isn’t fair to those towing the party line.

By Sunday night there should be some interesting information from over the weekend and let’s all pray this doesn’t involve killing or shootings. In Chicago there were 35 shootings and 7 killed last weekend all because of race relations. Our civil rights movements of the African American and the LBGT communities, can’t take getting battered anymore than has happened.We need a weekend of peace on all fronts.


Born This Way-2016