White on Brown Rice -Redone part 2

The most happening place  at the BHU is the medication room.  If you are a newbie, and don’t come in without anything prescribed, you will surely leave with a handful of scripts.  For like a person like me who has prescribed meds, like Adderall and Xanax, two of the hardest combos to get, I scored them many moons  ago, and the prescriptions just get filled month after month.  One of the reasons, is I am complaint, I take my meds as they are prescribed.  I don’t take more, I don’t take less, and I never give them or sell them at anytime.  In the in-patient unit, you have your groups, just like in the real world.  My game is to be a floater, I give enough time to the various factions, for if you been here the factions get into quite  a roar, over the tiniest things.  I like to keep my options, wide open with the groups.  It fits more my style, and if I ever wanted to instigate a revolution, which happens at least one time I am in-patient, I need all the groups on board.

This trip I made two really funny friends.  One was a 68 women, who came crying in she wanted geriatrics, until she shared she had just seen Madonna, and then she was one of us.  Bobbi was her name, and she was always in trouble, because

at home she wasn’t complaint.   There is absolutely no pill sharing, thinking about it will get you booted.

The second girl, she too was older, almost 50 but looked like a well-preserved 35.  Her name was Sara, and she was a binge drinker, I never understood her reason for being admitted.  But hey look at me, all I needed was sleep, and I am here no different than any other the rest, except those with addictions.  The addicts were a hard core population, and our paths hopefully never crossed.  It was sad, but they were here to detox, which I understand, is worse than dying for some.  I always had a soft spot for the addicts, but they would get clean, and run right out to the street again, only to turn around and be admitted again.

I have been coming to the BHU for years.  Not a lot of years, maybe 8, I seem to know the staff quite well. I know who ask for favors, and because I run under the radar the staff loves me but it is such a bad joke.  Any problems with the population, or upheaval from the patients, 90% of the time, came directly from me.    Depending on the mix of people, and how many had been there before, and then accounting for the goody-to-shoes, who would tell on us in a second, we had to work together.  It was quite impressive coming  from such diverse backgrounds, and no nobody ever asked me my sexual orientation.  When I was married my ex-wife would come to visit me.  Pissed me off all the dudes, saying look at her…..I let it go because they would never get closer. The one thing in common is my girls are all mine, by their own choice I have nothing to do with it.

So Bobbie, Sara and I, shared a very dark humor. So dark to some, it was ridiculous what we would laugh at, but we there were plenty of  narcs.  On plenty of times, for inappropriate behavior we got into trouble. . I was the lucky one, who got to get Xanax whenever I wanted, and anti-anxiety medication is the hardest one to get prescribed.  They don’t prescribe any stimulants, but will give them to you if you have an active script, and the benzos, or what are used for anxiety, they also didn’t like to prescribe.  I have always been so thankful, to my old doctor I finally fired, who gave me my scripts, and nobody dares mess with them. Corey is a little bit of sunshine mixed with mostly hurricane.  I don’t want to piss anyone off, but give me a nurse with an attitude, I promise when I am through she will be your favorite nurse of the floor.

That is it for the second part of 4 parts.  The rest is more of a story.  This has been gossip and jewels.