Kick the Bucket List

Everyone or most people at some point talk about their proverbial bucket list. I think the bucket list is a really bad idea.

I am probably only one of  a few people who believe this. Why do I believe it? Well for starters you put off doing things to alter your life, deny yourself of  new experiences to a later point in time.-If you really even do it!

People rely on their bucket lists to make up for the things they are not doing now in their lives.

People who are younger say from school age through college could benefit from an early bucket list as a starting point for the rest of their lives.

Some people think they are impressive with their bucket lists.

I find people who “do” without a lot of hoop-la and attention seeking are far more impressive.

I feel bucket lists are made out of necessity for what you are not doing and probably won’t ever do in your life.

People who announce that they are removing an item from their bucket lists are obnoxious and attention seeking.  Maybe even show-offs.

What  a fucking turn off.

I am happy for you, if your life works having a tiny list of to-do things that bring actual LIFE and true experience into your life.

I don’t have a bucket list.

It would be endless.

There would be no beginning or end.

I live my everyday life like it was a bucket list.

My tombstone shall read: While alive Corey LIVED.

Think about it.

Ditch the freaking list.

Live everyday on the wild side.

Make a new mad epic experience every single day.

Can’t do it?

You are not really living life to your optimum.

Your entire life should be a bucket list.

Think about that for  a second.

If you found the sacred in the ordinary, every day would be a tiny part of your life’s bucket list.

Priceless. With meaning and no EXCUSES OR EXCEPTIONS.

Remember there are no real rules.

Only societal ills to hold you back to define yourself by a tiny bucket list.