How Brexit Affects Our Elections in the United States

“Social researchers know that identity with a group is normally stronger when one has a sense of having a voice within that group,” says psychologist Fabio Sani of Scotland’s University of Dundee.

The recent actions of BREXT should signal a big warning sign to the citizens of the United States. Despite what Trump has done or said outrageously there are plenty of voices who believe it takes a man like Trump for them to be heard.  No matter what Hillary Clinton does, she can’t escape her past and history which until late probably helped her. Now Americans saw what nobody saw coming with the UK leaving the EU. Cameron played it wrong from the start and didn’t believe his own people.

Mr. Trump offers a lot for those sympathizers of Brexit. Starting with immigration and Trump’s plans to build a great big wall around our country. He has brought the current state of xenophobia in our country to never seen heights before in the last almost 60 years.

“There’s a very legitimate reason to be concerned about immigration,” says psychologist Drew Westen of Emory University. “Unfortunately ISIS has given would-be fence-sitters the permission to vote out of some combination of conscious or unconscious prejudice or bias.” In the United States it isn’t only Muslims it is our problem with illegal immigrants. President Obama was dealt a big setback when last week the Supreme Court failed to uphold his executive order 4-4 because of the Republicans we are missing a justice. This put a serious blow into President Obama’s plans.

After watching the citizens of UK talk about leaving the EU, I now see the appeal to a certain type of American who feels neglected and not heard to be saved by Donald Trump. Agree or don’t agree there are  a lot of people who will be voting on Trump just because they have lost all hope in the current system. Trump represents a shake up from the norm. What is interesting I was reading on the feed for WordPress that Google states searches by Brits looking to leave the country are way up. I myself found out today what it is going to take for me to move to France. There are seven steps I need a one year travel visa to start the process. I promise you I will be making this all a priority this week.

I guess I was far removed from the folks who felt forgotten or not heard. Some of what they want is so foreign to me I don’t feel we all live in the same country.  I am working on the HRC campaign but I don’t know of anything the democrats can do to stop the Brexit movement momentum. Scotland will surely follow, it is predicted.

I feel shell-shocked like the markets did on Friday. The people of the UK spoke. I seriously see another revolution like that here in November on the 8th with Trump.