Don Says Obama Founded ISIS………

Yesterday I  wrote as I do today as a concerned citizen for our country and a desire for the Republican party to get a viable candidate to run against Hillary. Yes I will disclose entirely I am with the campaign have been with the campaign and these are my own thoughts and beliefs as an American citizen.

Reince Priebus the director of the Republican National Committee has been in a series of talks with the Don regarding his slumping campaign and the need to get on the message the RNC is looking for-as it was stated in the article Priebus is not the director of the Don campaign and with Republicans such as Paul Ryan all but conceding the presidency to Clinton and worried about the majority the Republicans need to continue to hold onto in the House and Senate. The Don has refused to endorse Ryan and spoken very highly of his competition and Ryan is playing dumb saying over and over we can’t hand the presidency to Clinton with Pelosi give them a blank check. He said this statement and nothing much else over six times when he was last interviewed. When asked if he would continue to support Don he said he will speak out when he doesn’t agree with the Don for now but nothing is set in stone for backing the Don indefinitely.

Ryan is quoted as saying Don’s comments regarding the second amendment and Hillary Clinton appeared to be like a bad joke gone really bad.

Right now Trump contends that Obama founded ISIS and Clinton is the co-founder as was said in a phone interview yesterday with CNBC’s Squawk Box. Honestly after the comments I made yesterday finding the Don less than fit mentally to hold the office of President we are going to listen to him blame our current President and leader for founding ISIS? Really? We are all going to let this slide and let Don make new headlines for himself today that I can comment on tomorrow. That is the deal. As long as the Don continues his ways which are not acceptable by any psychiatric book of diagnoses I will report what the Don is doing not only to himself but to the entire Republican party.

I don’t believe in labels and I don’t consider myself a democrat except when the options other than democrat are unfavorable to the American people. There are some delegates from the convention right now trying to rescind the Don’s nomination. What is it going to take. In one week he has threatened Clinton’s life with the second amendment comment and he has accused our very own President of founding ISIS a terrorist group responsible for 1000’s of deaths both American and otherwise.

Seems too like his wife Melania was first working here in the United States as a model on a travel visa. Hmmm sort of like the 10 million illegal aliens Don wants to deport straight away when he becomes president and before he builds his wall. Forget wasting our own money building the wall there are plenty of countries including Mexico and Canada who will build the wall for us and keep as all caged up under Don’s wrath.

Nobody is safe. This country is not safe with the Don running his mouth. Lastly the director of the CIA says Putin played Trump like a puppet. Trump wanted some praise so Putin gave it to him and Trump took Russia’s bait to the point of instructing Russia after they hacked the DNC files to go find Clinton’s missing emails! That went without a stir too.

I needn’t fight to make a case that Don is not fit or viable for office. Do you want the Don with our nuclear codes? Tell me are you okay with Don having the nuclear codes of the United States? Exactly, well he can’t be president without them!