I Must Admit I Wanted To Help-From a Distance Far Away So I Didnt Get Dirty

“I know it is nothing more than a band aid.  But when I see Eugene he is always bleeding.  I don’t have or are ashamed to say, I haven’t used my brain to consider the epidemic of homelessness. Perhaps someday, when I have finished school, and understand policy much better than I do, I will take a seat at the table, and roll up my sleeves and join the conversation.”     Corey Britton

It doesn’t happen often that I blog, I learn some about myself so ugly I n


It doen’t take a meeting to help homelessness.


eed to blog again.  The quote at the top I am ashamed is mine.  I suggested in essence that the problems of homelessness could wait for me. To go to the big school and learn proper policy.  Then I dully noted I could sit at a table, sleeves rolled up and ready to work.  Since when I become so much like family and so many friends?  Homelessness needs answers, like where to eat and a warm dry bed to sleep.  How dare I sanitize this awful, barely human mess that is  filling the world.  Of course I have school and it is very important to me, but why dear god didn’t I suggest working in a soup kitchen, or helping out at a shelter?


Surely I can do those things right now, immediately.  What was I thinking, like so many people I loathe, who don’t want to get into the trenches of societal problems.  Who me, get dirty and actually work with these people?  No not I, I prefer a warm chair, at a meeting at an University where platters of food are overflowing.  I am shocked, I am dismayed, am I losing myself, to far away meetings to fix our town’s problems.  I vow I will do it, this week I will inquire.  There is a soup kitchen run right out my church.  I will go down to Dover’s friendly kitchen, and ask about volunteering in any capacity.

Sorry mom, I bashed without much thought, for am I really truly anhumanityy different than you?  I see homeless people not a day goes by, and to think I actually blogged to the world I would soon be ready, after garnering policy I could sit at the table, far away from the trenches of everyday homeless plight.  Is that what happens when your life is too privileged?  I have worried about it now for many a year.  See I am or I was different than my family and friends.  Not so much more I think because of my schooling.  I have always been hands on, got as dirty as needed be. Now with school I yield to my textbooks, and intelligent conversations.  What a thought how important are these, to the answers needed today to help the homeless.

I apologize first to Eugene, he is the one person I am trying to help.  Time to call the shelter and see what they need.  Perhaps bring some sheets, towels, pillows and more.  I did it without even a clue, made a pretentious uncaring ass out of myself.  I would say sorry if it were so simple.  Instead what I will do is get back to the blog.  Instead of the meeting I would partake in years, I will report back on the food kitchen and shelter needs by the end of week.  Please forgive Eugene, and your great big worthy family.  I tried earlier to help you, but where my voice is heard I did nothing but snuff you out.  I will tell you this story to see if you still want to be my friend.  If I were you, I would think had at least twice.