Mountain Over Mountain

After falling on Wednesday and smashing my knee caps and hurting my thumb and wrist I finally saw the orthopedic surgeon yesterday.

It appears I have mountains over mountains to climb with my come back to Corey and all the glory.

It started with a bad doctor’s appointment yesterday where my doctor told me I needed probably three surgeries. One on my already busted knee to reconstruct my patella ligament.

Then today I have an emergency MRI on my newly injured good leg. I know it is going to be a short time until they operate on it probably next week.

Then there is my poor little thumb already reconstructed two times. I have a cast on it and see the hand surgeon on September 5th, 2016.

I have many medical mountains to climb as at the same time I return to school for fall semester. I am nervous about the knee surgeries I always said I would never let them open up my good knee ever! But I can’t stand on it and when I try to bend it, it gets stuck.

I am not very hopeful about this MRI and with the doctor ordering an emergency one I know he thinks there is something bad going on inside of it. I never thought I would see the day where  my good knee hurts worse than my bad one.

That was only part of yesterday-the other part was starting a new evolution and figuring out my immediate priorities.  Getting my body fixed with the injuries is at the top of the list with my overcoming my anorexia. I need to do them both right now.

I also need to more forward with my schooling plans as I sort them out. I am most certainly leaving the Clinton campaign in the capacity I work for it right now.

Being out of school is not good for me and I am determined to get back to Corey and all the things I once used to do inside of school and out.

I will keep the blogging still going and I will knock off the surgeries one by one until I get them all caught up. Each one will require some amount of rehabilitation and will be down in the order of severity. I think that means my good knee gets operated on first.

After the surgeries I have academic and political mountains to climb and descend. I must get back into school no matter what my surgeries look like. I have decided I can’t take another semester off of school.

It is just not worth it and I don’t fully believe Clinton and her email crap. I know one thing she would never put her life out there for anyone but herself and if she were me she would stay focused on her schooling and not let anything get in the way of that. I need to do the same I have positioned myself so well academically it is foolish to but it off to the side.  I will still have time to work on the state level and even maybe multiple state levels. But right now after today and my MRI and seeing Bella this weekend I am on campus on Monday morning to meet with advising to sign up for fall classes and also get ready to switch my concentration to computer science which will entail me taking more general courses. I am fine with that because it is the smartest thing I can do educationally major in computer science and data analytics. It puts me as an underrepresented minority as a person in the field of computer science and guarantees me I wont have to pay for anything further to get my PhD.

The sprint Evolution is really coming together in less than a week. I will have lots of paperwork and phone calls as well medical appointments. But the crux of my Evolution will have been addressed in less than a week and then it is just carrying it all out to fruition.

I am nervous about today but know the sooner I know what is going on it will only start then to get better. I hope it is just a little bit of cartilage but I am not certain.

I am spending the afternoon with Bella and hopefully my legs will not be too bad to do the walking she wants to do around the mall. We are going to catch a movie at first and then head out for Mexican and finish up at the mall to do some clothes shopping. I am hoping my legs and hands and can handle all of that.  I am sure where it is Bella I will be able to do just about anything to make her happy.

I need to work on my Evolution list and see exactly what I can knock off today. I will remain hopeful with my MRI and pray it is just a torn piece of cartiledge. Other than that some of it is out of my hands and in God”s fate. I can’t alter the damage I did or the injuries I endured because of the anorexia.

I must make it a priority to contact the Clinton campaign and let them know I will be heading back to school. I don’t want to surprise anyone negatively about my return to school. I will continue to support the campaign as much as I can and still more forward with my school plans.

One mountain at a time……..