Unfinished Business

Today I had my thumb appointment and got my cast removed and a prescription for a new custom-made brace and physical therapy while my thumb gets ready to be fused, by the surgeon.

I am still trying to write a blog post for the first of today as I spent the maniac’s hours reading and then had to get ready for my 9:00 am cast appointment before seeing the doctor.

I am still parallel with my fire on my brain and my mind that continues to keep pace with the pace oddity. I do believe the reading is priming my mind to keep pace with my fiery brain, and I look forward to an entire afternoon, of blogging on various topics and some op-ed pieces.

I am sort of incredulous about my once feeble mind that could never keep pace with my brain on fire and now the fire which burns so brilliantly and intensely is deciphered by the mind of mine that I am enthralled to call my own and get to the real deep thoughts of my brain on fire and the over spilling contents of thoughts in my fiery brain that sees more than 1’s and 0’s and is equipped with a quad processor that allows me to write and talk and carry on a third discussion within my mind is crazy #AMPED and #HECTIC like no other machine that I have ever encountered.

My brain, body, and mind as a machine is a huge leap for most people until they are up close and personal with my productivity and the conditions under which I write, think, and otherwise work.

I am hopeful that my lists of surgeries is approved in a timely manner and that the God above watches out for the ensuing complications and time restrictions needed for each operation. Today’s news of surgery on my left hand, was unexpected but shouldn’t interfere with my foot and thumb surgeries that are next in line.

I am a bit rattled by my Bella’s behavior yesterday during and after her volleyball game. She got pulled after her first mistake and didn’t play until the start of the third match deciding game. She played until she made one mistake and got benched again for the rest of the game which her team won. She was crying she was so upset and didn’t want to take the bus home with the team and go out to eat. I told her it was a team sport and the team and the win had to come first but at 13 I couldn’t successfully make headway with her. She still opted to go home with me and her grandparents and we talked at length about my dissatisfaction with her decision, and counseled her on apologizing to both the team and the coach today at practice.

I get her pain and disappointment as she is only allowed one mistake and she is benched and playing with the already pressure that the game presents topped with the thoughts of if oh if I make a mistake  I am benched is a pretty impossible task. She has forgone her place in swimming for volleyball and this weekend has a swim meet where she isn’t properly prepared and where because of volleyball she has slipped in swimming. Before she decided to play volleyball she was really back on top of her swimming game and walked away from her place to pursue volleyball. At this stage of her life children are concentration solely on one sport and that sport is swimming for Bella but we couldn’t get her to understand that. I pray as a parent that she can come back to her form in swimming as last year was a disaster with the addition of volleyball and the cutback in swimming practices.

As an athlete I didn’t feel the way my daughter feels, and I was fully dedicated and loved basketball and for Bella I worry that she is burned out of swimming but will not walk away from it, which if she could, she would be able to play volleyball year-round like all the other players on her team. It is complicated and I haven’t a clue as a parent how to manage this situation and I see a big blowup coming after this weekend’s swim meet.

On to other news, I feel very high and happy despite my Bella’s issues and I see the writing before me before it is on the electronic page. I am happy that it is Wednesday and I am done with doctors appointments for the week, and can now focus on getting to physical therapy and hopefully some light gym workouts to rebuild my machine of a body that needs to be overhauled.

I was just talking to a person about my wanting to return to the gym, and my mindset about my loss of sorts when it comes to road racing, and my running with Bella. I haven’t given much thought to my pending loss of running, which I have packed deep into the back of my mind, and now I am contemplating it once again, and it hurts just as bad as ever, and makes me want to go to the gym even more and with more intensity than I have felt in a long time.

I think before I write another post I will go to the gym and work my decrypted body and move my muscles as I have some personal inspiration from someone who is far from my life now but started at a similar place physically and is now a competitive bodybuilder. I have no intention for such a physique but I want to shred that which I have on my upper-body. I am unable to work out my lower body at this time and it will be a long while before that is a realty.

I am thrilled to say the least about my mind keeping cadence with my fiery brain and I will continue to make the most out of it, as I have at least two posts today still to write  on other blogs when I get back from the gym.

I am feeling very fortunate to have gotten my cast off, and had the help of parents for the last time as they head back to Florida on Friday.  It has been such a gift having them here for transportation and I believe I know that Stephanie wants to help out and I believe I shall let her as she is the only person I would ever take help from.

I am very excited for the days ahead and hope I get more answers for my health and start today with reshaping my body. I am thrilled to be able to go to the gym on this brilliant day, with the sun shining, the skies bright blue, and the wind blowing ever so gently.

I will bring my little note book to the gym as not to miss a drop of a delicious thought or idea. I am grateful to my readers and have what I believe is some rare solid prose from my mind to the keyboard and finally to the electronic pages.

Look forward to a lot more posts from me starting this afternoon and through the rest of the week into the weekend. Please email me with ideas and thoughts. I continue to stay away from politics although the last debate is tonight and the elections is running through my veins. I will take a before picture of my body today, and use it as inspiration for the body I am going to create for myself with an intensity much like the fire in my brain, as the same fire and desire burns through my entire body.