Make Your Peace-Fucking THINK for a Change

Tonight I am AMPED UP  on pain pills from my broken leg. Funny how different the world appears or what parts disappear…..maybe even more interesting.

Tonight even though I suffer from pure mania I usually sleep a couple of hours-tonight not seeing that at all. I see a lot of things but sleep is not one of them. I think how fucked this world is when we have the choice to chose Don for the presidency. WTF? Have you heard the hate from his gatherings-I am open minded and think everyone doesn’t have to like everyone else but the vitriolic hatred these guys are exuding it is pretty scary to all of humanity. To think the Don unleashed this behavior in certain people begs to ask bigger and harder questions. The kinds that hurt my mind and so I am not going there.

Take but a minute seriously and check out the hatred and bigotry in 2016- it is antiquated big time. I never knew in my life, that is 39 years worth of history this type of anger and hostility. I am more fearful than I have ever been in so many ways….no I am not paranoid  more like there are some really angry people and I don’t know what will happen next. What will happen if Hillary gets elected? I cant even imagine it doesn’t look good.

What about the African American community? They have a hard time with the deaths of so many young black men. I get  #Blacklivesmatters but I believe #Alllivesmatter and some how that makes me a bigot or even worse! I do believe relations in our country with the cops is very complicated and needs to be changed, but I don’t think killing a cop is okay or justified. Where does that leave me?

I want to believe everyone can ultimately get along but it doesn’t seem realistic given all that has happened so what is going to be next? Honestly. We need to be talking about this stuff. It is no fun for me when I would rather discuss living in oblivion.

So is that what we chose to live in oblivion? Disregard the reality, shut off the TV and turn off the WI-FI?

Some of us have kids what about them or the ones that will come later. This is just one big buzz kill really. Sickens me to death I am not even high anymore. Do you watch the news or follow bullshit politics because shit is happening and November 8th is fast approaching. Come on guys are you smelling what I am stepping in. Please somebody email me at corey@ I got to know what you all are thinking this is a pissing contest and nobody is going to be able to change things once November 8 has come and gone.