Making it Count

We all go through stages of development and growth at various times in our lives.  Everybody is unique and no two journeys are the same.

As I look at my life in this moment here in July 2016, I am keenly aware of the momentum my life has picked up and I know with this momentum comes the responsibility to get things done and achieved.

There are other times in my life where it has been merely about survival.  No not from savage beasts but more so from myself. I as well as others tend to be my own worst enemy. When my demons have run amuck and had there way it is all I can do to hang on and survive the passing of the storm. I have realized as I have gotten older these storms are much less frequent. In fact I can’t remember the last time I had a storm expect for my anorexic crisis which isn’t really what I am talking about.

When I say make it count I mean do whatever you are dedicated to for a good, no a great reason. Whether it is a goal, a dream, serving the community and giving back to people, make it count by making yourself matter.

Stand up, and be noticed. Don’t shrink behind a door where nobody can see you. Make it a point to get to know at least one new person a day. Let them know your name, shake their hand with solid kindness and compassion. It seems silly but the world is all that much better when you live it and breath it instead of just tolerating it and bracing yourself to get through it.

We all go through highs and lows in our lives. However that doesn’t mean much about us has to change outwardly. We need to be visible to the world around us. We must figure out who and what we are, and then commit to living it. It is called being authentic.

I toss these words and ideas around far too easily because in reality finding our truth can take almost a lifetime if we don’t commit to living life with truth when we are younger. If we don’t dig deep and do the hard work in our younger years, it has a tendency to stunt us and paralyze us. Not letting us realize our true selves and thus our authenticity.

Finding your authenticity is the second biggest life challenge you will encounter. The first is living authentically ever single day with our intentionality and our commitment to live as we were meant to be and to live in this world.

Making it count is not only about you. In fact some would argue it has little to do with you and more to do with what you give and help to others in our society. We are just human beings. We pile so much extra stuff upon ourselves we lose sight we are all just human beings and we all have very basic needs. The stuff we pile on impedes our human needs but also forgetting you are human and so is your neighbor is one of the greatest disappointments in our lives.

Make today count. Make yourself count. And damn it, make another human being no different than yourself count today too.