Maniacal Musings-Sunday Night America is NOT Trump’s Trophy!

Got Julia Bleu to the doggy daycare kennel today. Very sad leaving her she has never been without our other pug Jack who passed away or members of my family. We are too close honestly and I will put her into a doggy daycare when I get back from  Florida. However I spent the afternoon all alone and I did of course miss Stephanie who went to her place to pack, but I REALLY missed my Julia Bleu! It was so quiet and there was no excitement and I realized I truly love that little being more than I knew and I hope she is okay these next ten days.

After dropping off Julia Bleu Stephanie and I headed south to Portsmouth to pick up medication and prescription shakes for me for the trip. Stephanie then dropped me off at home and headed to her house to get backed as we get picked up for the airport at 3:30 am tomorrow morning.

I had a lot of time to think while I got everything done that needed to be done for us to leave. I thought about our country and Trump, and how I was not reading news today. I thought about my hand and my tumor and the uncertainty of it all. I am letting my worries go and just going to deal with what I have to when the pathology report returns this week or the top of next week.

I was quiet and deep in my head today. I thought about so many things I have going on and my time with my family and Bella especially. I thought about the scores of people who hate the holidays because they are lonely or have really bad memories. It did really hit me today the holidays aren’t always happy times.

I light a candle of peace every afternoon and today I lit it early and thought hard about all the people who will not be with families or friends for the holiday. I did have myself a good cry, my second in two days, and a real record for me as I am not a crier. Whether it is my own mortality I am feeling or the election chaos, I am feeling a lot more than I usually feel.

I went about my busy this afternoon and I thought about different case scenarios for myself and I finally just stopped and realized nothing is ever final and whatever is my journey I will accept with the grace I have witnessed so many other people deal with problems and remain so graceful and still so thankful. So that is my challenge to myself. To let go, live my life to the fullest, and if I get news I would rather not receive, I have myself and my circle of family and friends and so many other special people that I know will see me through.

I was supposed to buy bandages and tape and all kinds of stuff to change my dressing on my finger today and I couldn’t do it\. I put it all back and I will deal with it in \Florida. I wasn’t helped by my surgeon who said it doesn’t look good we had to remove a lot. That was enough! There is this great Mexican restaurant and I am going to go drink like a fish and then have Stephanie who is a dentist unwrap my hand and reapply all that needs to go back on. Mom won’t be thrilled but I am sorry mom, this is going down my way.

I am feeling better after taking a break from the Trump Tower of Doom. I have no idea if I can really go the day without finding out if the one sane man who could possibly be out to save us all, Mitt Romney is the new Secretary of State. Only person I can stomach in Trump’s swamp with a gushing sewer pipe running into it!

I know I can’t write anything without getting myself listed for something. I am hoping all the noise I am making gets me face time with this monster-if I am going away he will still hear me loud and clear. Now on a serious note, I am looking forward to going to the #NOTMYPRESIDENT protest on Inauguration day and participating in the million women march the following day. Our group has people going and more keep signing up. I just want the emphasis to be on peaceful and with the unknown cowboys of Trump supporters anything could happen. I personally am only going there as a peaceful protester. I just really don’t want to get arrested for what Trump is calling economic terrorism. Honestly what happen to free speech and the ability to peacefully protest?

I am getting tired and Stephanie is saying, “Corey it is time for bed. Is it worse to go to bed to get up at 2 or just stay up all night?

I will do as my fiancé has asked and go rest although sleep will probably elude me.

I am ready to get going tonight honestly, and don’t know why we didn’t fly out this past afternoon.

I will probably cave in and go watch the news because I am a political junkie and can’t stand not knowing the pulse of the nation. I have been offered two positions in Washington that are high profile enough for me and my ego but I have school and that thing called a personal goal and yeah well it is blockading my future pursuits in Washington. I must return to school in the spring when the next semester starts in mid-January. I have been accepted to MIT and I am supposed to start there in the fall.

My how times change. I am thinking right now about HRC and what the heck is that poor woman doing to keep her train from derailing? I think we all have so much to learn from her from. From the costly flaws and missteps to the amazingly gifted thinker and better yet doer that she is…..I have always been part of strategic think tanks and never been a doer. I have added to my bucket list, thanks to HRC, to be a doer and fighter for what I and so many other Americans think is right. I am terribly sad that HRC lost, but didn’t cry about such a loaded topic until yesterday. How different we would all feel. Hell I would take anyone not associated with Trump or Pence without nary a whimper. Surely wouldn’t have been HRC but it would have to be better than what I am looking at.

I said to everyone if Trump wins we are moving to France our mother country. However we can’t abandon this country and all the people who need to be fought for , so no Paris for the Brittons. Bella is thinking about going to be an exchange student as she loves Berlin and would move there in  a second.

We will all settle down and let Trump show his first moves after this hellacious cabinet picking. Sort of like watching the finals of the apprentice I would imagine.

But I will leave you with one thought I have been repeating since I wrote these words yesterday: America is NOT Trump’s trophy. One man can not change the great bones and structure of our country. Try as he will, we will not allow this country to belong to anyone but all the citizenry of this great country. We will disagree but we will not lay over and play dead