Dead Poet’s Society

Yesterday I watched Dead Poet’s Society with my 13 year old daughter, Bella. We both love Robin Williams as my daughter’s all-time favorite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire.

The Dead Poet’s Society is one of my favorite films of all time. Between “Captain, My Captain” and the role of inspiring and out of this box teacher that Robin Williams plays, to the young boy who sadly takes his own life.

The boy and his death serve as a reminder to all and especially parents, that our children’s lives are not ours but theirs.

We may want certain aspirations for our children, but ultimately it comes down to them and their happiness.

In Dead Poet’s Society the boy is parented by an over zealous father who wants more for his son than he had, and controls the very things at his school that make him happy and with “Captain, My Captain” inspiring him to be alive and one with his dreams and passions, he pursues acting in a play.

The boy discovers acting and the play and rehearsals bring him pure joy/ . He gets the lead role and the night before the opening show his father finds out and has him pull out of the play. This leads to the boy’s demise and ultimately he takes his own life.

The boy from his perspective was thinking about the life his father had set up for him. Attending Harvard after prep school and then medical school. The boy says to his father, “But father that is the next ten years of my life!”

“Captain, My Captain” inspires the boys to think, and to live outside the small boxes that they currently occupy.  He challenges another boy to makeup a poem on the spot because he hadn’t prepared one for class. With his urging and loving guidance this boy so very frightened by life itself conjures up an amazing poem for his teacher and his classmates.

“Captain, My Captain” teaches these young boys bogged down with rote traditional schooling to dream for themselves. Ultimately dreaming caused the triggering death of one of his beloved students.

Robin Williams character is so inspiring to his students and to those privy enough to watch his performance as an eclectic English teacher. If only we all had someone so loving and compassionate and steadfast that we follow our dreams and our hearts’ desires.

Every time I watch Dead Poet’s Society I am reminded about what is in my heart and what my passions are that I am not pursuing.  The Dead Poet’s Society is a reminder to all people involved in young peoples lives to balance that which is practical with that which is truly desires of the soul.