Corey’s Universe-I Live Inside a Bubble

When I was about 18 years old, I created my own Universe: Corey’s Universe.

It started as an idea or concept to create my own safe space and place for my family and friends who truly accepted and loved me.

I first created my Corey’s Universe on paper…..I wrote about it and brought it to life-then I hand-picked the people who were going to be in it!

It was an exciting time and very liberating for me to give up the norms of this society that didn’t work for me or wasn’t where I belonged and create Corey’s Universe.

As time marched on and people in my life truly bought into my new Universe, it grew into something much larger: something so much more!

My Universe became an attitude a concept for many more people than just myself.

It was a mindset that said,  “Keep an open-mind, no judgement of others, be kind, you are okay I am okay!”  It honestly grew without my consent, as my Universe became much more than just mine honestly. It belonged to all those people who felt disenfranchised and who felt resistance for acceptance and tolerance of others.

Today, wow, Corey’s Universe is not just a space or place but a way of living and loving and being most of all: true to yourself and gaining instant acceptance for those around you!

I couldn’t have predicted what Corey’s Universe would morph into. Nor is it done growing and expanding. I am finally in a place to add with my intentionality pieces of it that belong that have yet to make it there on their own.

My Universe is a free world in a world that shackles most of us in one way or another. It yields to your own curve and gives way to freedom and courage for you to step further out into the “real” world, because in Corey’s Universe you can always come back when you seek shelter from society’s storms and ills.

As time passes on, our society becomes more threatening not less threatening to many if not most individuals. Corey’s Universe is safe. You can be who and what you are and go all the way-without fallout from the Big society we all find ourselves kneeling to…….

I welcome anyone to be a part of Corey’s Universe-I do not control its subscribers-it is bigger and more powerful and more yielding than even myself.

Finding your authentic self is so hard and so brave-then to be smacked down with your TRUTH in our real world is nothing sort of leveling. Bring yourself, your flaws, your demons, your Very own authentic SELF to Corey’s Universe.

It has been awaiting your arrival. Do not fear, for fear is crippling and it is illogical. It is no way to live in this world. I knew that when I seeded this Universe and now it is the place where everyone is welcome and everyone is free “TO BE.”