#ProudToBe- YOUTUBE Video Reactions Make it Most Hated VIDEO in History


This is a new video called #ProudToBe on gender identities. It is a cutting edge campaign that YouTube has sponsored. As you will watch it depicts all sorts of gender identities that are currently used, accepted, and are true of people in the US and all around the world.

The video highlights some of YOUTUBE’s biggest vbloggers. It is with great sadness, disappointment, and anger that I say it is the most vehemently hated video in YOUTUBE history. In less than 12 hours the comments section had to be removed and closed because it was too hateful and too painful for so many people who don’t live binary (people who don’t consider there to be only two genders: female and male).

We have been unsuccessful dealing lately with the transgendered population and their basic rights and freedoms which they are not receiving. There is a complete lack of equality for all Americans in regards to race, gender orientation, sexual orientation, and the disabled. All of these groups are discriminated against in our country. In the same country where we are so proud to hang our American Flags this week for the upcoming Fourth of July, our day of  Independence.

As we have come to see with the recent beatings and murders of transgendered people as well as the bloodiest massacre  in our country’s history at the LGBTQIA club Pulse in Orlando, Florida which killed 49 people and severely injured another 53, there are people and groups of religious factions that praised the killings of innocent people at Pulse because they choose to love differently. No one has come forward in the news and talked about Transgendered people doing anything wrong to anyone including children in public restrooms or anywhere else. Hate is festering in our country like an insidious disease. Preachers are seen on the TV lauding the Pulse murders as God’s treatment of sinners, and others are just too happy that ‘finally the freaks got shot.”

I needn’t say much more. One of the comments made on the video said there are three genders: female, male, and the mentally ill. Yes in 2016 we are taking giant steps in the wrong direction towards equality and safety for all. Transgendered people are beaten and killed brutally all the time in our country and all over the world. Gay people are getting brutally beat up and no one feels or is safe, when the US Senate has 53 senators that refused to pass a bill that would have made the semi-automatic gun used in the Pulse shootings illegal to buy by anybody. I am not here to talk about gun control, but there is no reason in this world an individual not in the military or police force needs a gun that can blow away 49 lives in a minute or two.

I ask you all to watch this video #ProudToBe because you might just start to think twice about where this country is headed. It is very ugly and a disgrace to our own humanity. All of these people are INNOCENT. They have done nothing wrong and pose no threats to anyone in our society. So there is a lot of pride for hatred biased actions in our country today. I don’t want to even know what tomorrow might bring in the way of more hatred and bigotry.