I like edges. I like all  kinds of edges.  Edges of counter-tops, coffee tables, cars, you name it.  However today I am talking about my personality “Edge.”  We all are comprised of such different personalities.  My personality has edge that I claimed in NYC.  I love my edge, I do not feel like I have my edge when I am home in the seacoast of southern New Hampshire.

My edge started at 19, when I first got to NYC.  I came to the city with some cockiness, self-assuredness, and all the confidence an 19 year old kid could possible back. I didn’t realize that I happened to be in the best city in the world for my a bit over the top personality.  I got to NYC and I was like the nicest and sweetest person,  I was floored. Rude? I had never met people who were so rude. Impatient? A brand new meaning to this concept.  Not having impatience  got me at the end of the line every freaking time.

I started in NYC at 19, as a co-op student at Sachs and worked there through the age of 26.  NYC is now in my blood, the city runs through me.  I have less attractive qualities to others for my affair with NYC, but for me I am at my prime with my NYC edge. Edge is something that one is either open to, or forgoes it for higher ground.

I am a persistent, self-assured, I am part of the A-team, no make that the dream team, with attitude that would scare your daddy’s daddy.  Now up here in New Hampshire, my edge gets dulled I feel, and also has to be a lite version of the real deal. I have enough of a hard time in New Hampshire with my watered down edge, than my full-blown NYC edge.  Most people up in New Hampshire, just think I am inappropriate and for them I probably am to a large degree.  Not interested in being everyone’s friend, have my close group and that is all I need. However when we go out in neighboring Portsmouth on a Saturday night, we may be fewer, but we own the room. Yes, the eyes are on us. No we are not regulars. How boring would that be? We come in once a month and take our table. Some, a few have tried to break in, but it is air-tight closed group. Better chance getting into a group on Facebook.

Part of the edge is an almost demonic, dark sense of hilarious humor. No we are not mean, don’t make fun of anyone. Who needs to, they do it to themselves half the time. My academic friends are so over my edge, and the professors I have had up here wouldn’t know what I hit them with if I truly spoke what was on my mind. Suffice it to say, academics in New Hampshire, are just too important for themselves. It is why they hang out in Portsmouth every weekend and have no means of getting into the Harvard Club.

I am looking forward to the HRC campaign because it will bring many New Yorkers around, and it will be fast-paced, in your face, HRC doesn’t like it like that, type of work. I welcome to be challenged and please no, don’t make me suffer fouls anymore than I do up here at home. My edge is also a product of seeing a pretty fair amount of the world. It gives you a quiet confidence, and a way, an aloofness, of nomadic proportions.

So I guess I will be sharping my edge for the Campaign. I will be taking two on line classes this summer term, i will have to remember who I am speaking with, or emailing with.  In NYC there are no salutations or closings, just the bare bones facts and your initials all in lower-case. The reason being it adds time.  Of course I mean please and thank you, but not writing in an email. My edge doesn’t affect my manners, which thanks to a French mother are capable of being impeccable. I loathe poor manners, poor protocol, and most of all people who are petty and cheap.

Going to work on school today, lose some edge, but get it back for tomorrow with our HRC meeting. Maybe this time, gosh I am almost forty, I will keep my edge and forget the popularity contests.