Creating Myself to Blog

When I first got the inclination to blog, I obviously went and set up a blog. There was this place or space called “About.” If you notice on either of my blogs it has been left blank.

As I worked towards being a blogger and a person who everyday puts themselves right out there I had to create that which already existed about me. I had to think about all the parts of myself. It was not an easy process or one which I have completed creating my truth out of what already is there and a part of me.

Some things are easier to admit or own as myself as opposed to other things which I have found too difficult and thus my “About” space is still empty. I  have been blogging for roughly 3 months on  a consistent basis. I am coming up on over 200 posts for this blog site in another day or two.

I feel like I have a lot to write and I certainly have the time and have gotten even more disciplined about writing twice a day/every day. . No matter what else I have going on. I am determined to write a post in the am and another post later in the pm. There have been occasions were I did not blog at night. I am still working out that second post it is so dependent on a varied amount of equations. Some I have over come and some I die flat on my face.

I know the blank”abouts” are there and they are starting to pull at me. I have shared quite a bit of myself on these very posts, but it all needs to get put together and create myself as I am right now. It will give me the honest opportunity to see where I have been successful and where I need improvement or just plan change.

I look forward with trepidation to getting my “Abouts” completed in a way I like and find desirable as well as being  truthful. It is a challenge for me at best-owning who and what I am and where I want to be in the near future.

It is a perfect time in my life to fill these out about my person and universe. What is all that and who am I? I will let you know when they are finished this weekend or maybe even before. I also need to share my other blog with everyone. There is a photography challenge I participate in now weekly on Friday’s  on my other blog. It is always done with a prompt challenge and I am no real photographer so this has been a lot of fun and I am learning to use words to excenuate a picture, without just describing it. I hope a lot of you will check it out.

For this moment that is all-never can be sure when another post will appear.



Who Are You? No Labels Allowed

As a person who askews labels of every sort in any dimension, how do you establish your identity?  It is a universal feature that when you meet someone they will ask you certain questions about yourself to attach labels to you.  This is done to create what people believe to be order and clarification.


However labels are so vast and wide, that even with labels, you can not be certain about anything in actuality with a person.  To try to sum a person is just flawed thinking and maligned human communication.  We want to get a  read on a person so we can start talking specifics with them.  Instead of starting out slowly asking one another methodical questions to get to at least on topic or scenario that you can both bespeak too, and from there start an authentic relationship that goes as fast or slow as you your personal comfort level allows you to do.

I am a person who lives my life with without any labels.  I do not attach the simplest of labels to myself.  I feel in doing so I may inhibit my own person or the expectations of others about me in general.  I am neither boy or girl, straight or gay, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.  Now I may have lost you, because you think I am different a boy or a girl?  What if I told you about people born with both sexes?  They are called intersexed people and there are a lot of them. They are not freak shows, or circus acts.  Think about the transgendered mess? What if we didn’t have labels? Does it matter that a person with male plumbing, is a girl despite it? I think not, and maybe your not ready, too comfortable in your tiny, tiny world. Again educated or uneducated?  Here I get down to the crux, the literal meaning.  Just because I have a 4 or 6 year degree does not mean I am educated.  Surely it means I went to school and was a student.  But am I educated, a diploma is no guarantee.  Poor or rich?  Maybe I don’t have to work, because I have enough money in the bank.  Does that make me rich? Absolutely not.  I may be on a very fixed income, and on top of that compared to other people I just might not be rich at all.

I know this sounds trifle and full of semantics for sure.  However, all the information that you can glean from a person either from statistics, data, or personal one on one communication, is exposed to your stereotypes, prejudices, likes and dislikes.  I am looking to be judged and valued just on the raw me data.  Nobody knows the raw me data quite like myself.  I can give you better than mere generalizations or labels if you will, about myself, my life, my attitudes and my beliefs.  I promise you what I would give you, would be very far from the correct labels you attached to me.

The world is not concrete, it is completely abstract.  The medical profession is starting to get away from just plain disorders, and call things spectrum disorders.  This is because for every concrete, there are 50 shades of grey involved in it.

I am Corey I am a lost boi/girl who has mania and doesn’t sleep very much.  I am neither republican or democrat, I vote for whomever I think is the best candidate. I am unspecified in my sexual orientation. I love women and adore them, but can’t rule out that there might be a guy I wouldn’t like. This might make me to appear undefined, but I am person who people really get to understand. Because I don’t accept labels of any sort I have to spend more time with a person to make sure they get who and what I am because nothing makes me angrier when someone assumes something about me. I am a parent and I battle anorexia, these are things that are me.  See my skinny self on the street, you might mistake me for an addict.  When in fact I am working on my PhD, and live a life I am proud to call my own.

Who are you do you subscribe to the concrete facets of this so called life? Or are you an amalgamation of contradiction and surprise?  I hope everyone starts realizing how limiting and dangerous labels are to our entire society.  Yes, we need order, and systemization, but it shouldn’t come at the authenticity of a human being. Our society is all too limiting, the choices are endless for who you can be, if you are vulnerable and call on your authentic self.

We live in a world that says if you are this, then this whole list of attributes gets automatically assigned to you. No this isn’t how it should work, we are individuals not cookie cutter pieces. There is no wrong or right way to think and live your life. Just going along with your friends could cause you great pain later in life.

What this all boils to is being authentic to yourself as you grow your individual identity. Be who you are  inside, fuck the people who don’t understand, they are dinosaurs and a whole lot more.  I write this piece for you to think, to check in with yourself. Ask yourself, I am living all that I believe, or are parts of me left closed off because they make me too complicated?  I didn’t write this piece for any other reason, then to free you all from the labels that bolt you down, take away your individuality.  Your individuality is beautiful at best, but we happen to live in a society, who wants us to define ourselves by checking boxes.  Be better than that; be you.