Maniacal Musings: Don’t Forget About Me

Today is really just BLAH….It sounds like it feels. It is raining out and I went to the hospital for physical therapy and occupational therapy and when I got there I wasn’t on the schedule until tomorrow. This would not have been a big deal except I have made my appointments three different times with three different people, and I had paid to take a cab, and the kicker is on my printed schedule of appointments that they gave me, it said I had both of my appointments today.

I kept my cool, and didn’t take it out on the little woman sitting behind the desk, and I cancelled my appointments which are supposedly scheduled for tomorrow. There is no way I am going back tomorrow, and I made sure to get a copy of the latest schedule of appointments. Then I went and called a cab to come bring me home, with all the rain and knowing I would be waiting a long time. There is a van service I have most of my appointments scheduled with, which picks you up at home and brings you to the hospital and then takes you back home again. It is a free service but a couple of my appointments I couldn’t get the van. I scheduled a ride home with the cab, and I was going to have to wait over an hour for a ride home. I stepped outside to opt out of taking the cab and I was going to take the bus, and low and behold the van driver was there, remembered me and offered me a ride home straight away. It was beautiful. It is truly the little things in life that make us happy.

Today I am writing my 404th blog today. Inching ever so closely to the magical number 500…..It doesn’t seem possible that I could have possibly written that many blogs. That is cumulative and from all my sites, and is only actual published blogs that comprise 403 so far and this one I am currently writing now.

I am feeling really pretty good regarding my writing. I know it has gotten a bit more consistent in truth, and I feel I have upped the quality of my writing on a day to day basis. I by no means think I am a good writer or even decent, I just feel like after spending months writing daily, the fruits of my labor are paying off. I have mountains to climb to get to where I am going but I am in the trenches for sure and I will not sleep so to speak until I get to the top of the mountain. I realize it is way off in the distance but I am really in it for the long run.

Today I just can’t get myself right side up, and I am not sure what it is to be honest. I am burned out from the campaign, and need to keep pushing through until next Tuesday. This afternoon the local campaign office is hosting a famous actress and senator Al Franken who is a close confident to President Obama. I should go to it for sure, but right now it seems a lot for me to do and do my job on top of that.

I just confirmed to the event at the local campaign office at 3 pm today. I need a small break from the day and that will be just enough to give me a breather before settling in for the even session. Got to keep pushing, the race is tight and it shows no signs of widening for either candidate.

I am sort of off today and coupled with the weather that is raw and rainy, it makes for a perfect downer of a day.

I am going to light some candles and set a cozy tone to the house and perhaps cook something for dinner.

I need to get back to my reading of the Bible as I have slacked off and I really can’t afford to do that if I want to read the Bible in its entirety before too long.

A post to the Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary is in order either today or tomorrow. I need to make time to go some Angel research and post to my City of Angels. I like having a variety of blogs that I have established to write in different spaces and places as it gives me creative places to write freely and openly about some things that I probably wouldn’t be comfortable writing about in another place. My spiritual journey as well as my mania sometimes exceeds the normal writings of Maniacal Musings and Scattered gives me a chance to open up some pockets that have been closed and when I get real and ready there is a safe place to write my Truths without worrying about stepping out of bounds or being too raw about matter that isn’t fit for all of public consumption.

I want to get my anorexia blogs all under DYSORDER where they belong as right now I have all my anorexia blogs scattered along at least most of my blogs besides my spirituality blog.

It just takes time and effort to move them and keep everything in order and in a currency of sense to both myself and the reader. My eating has been okay lately and I have been compliant with my shakes and doing as good a job remembering to eat healthfully and frequently in the course of more than just one day.

I feel as though I have maybe come to a new place with my anorexia but I would rather look back on it in a couple more days when I can string like a week together and make a more exacting analysis. Seems so strange to talk about eating and analysis and it doesn’t warm my heart to think or contemplate the idea to be truthful.

I am yearning for some normalcy and looking for ways in my house to bring more normalcy either through cooking or setting up a new area of the house like the kitchen table for the holidays with the linens sitting in the hamper waiting to be washed and put out on the table and put the spring/summer linens away. As with everything, I am late getting to it, and perhaps tomorrow with my laundry almost caught up I can wash the lines and get the kitchen table looking festive as I am in the process of switching out candles from multiple colors to cranberry for the winter holidays. It does make me excited to think about getting the table all in order, and then using it to eat meals with Bella and friends as they stop over when I have my next surgery on November 17th, for the growth in my bone and around my left ring finger. I am excited to get this growth removed and be able to once again wear rings on my left ring finger. Really need a master to do list and a new podiatrist is at the top. Doing that now, and will get everything on there I need to get done and have scheduled between now and leaving for Florida on November 21st. The election is Tuesday, and so many things have been put off until then and come the day after the election. I have no choice but to hit the ground running the very next day.

Time to wrap up and head to the local campaign offices and come back with a recap before publishing my 404th blog!


Senator Al Franken was the guest speaker and very motivational. Without getting into politics, he spoke of what the campaign needed to do in the next 5 days until election day. Every vote matters, as does every person who is voting. This could be said for either or both campaigns, as there isn’t much difference. It was good to take a breather and I ran into my lawyer who is a friend and fellow politico. All is good, and I am glad I went and got a dose of recharged energy for the evening and the coming days.

I am in for the evening. I got a hot chocolate latte and I have dinner to make so all is good and my ship is righted as I dig in to finish this blog and write one more if I can find it in me. I think I got it as I am rejuvenated by my time out, interacting with other people and seeing like minded people as well. I believe if everyone found something they were passionate about and put themselves into it, people in general would be happier and more complete. It doesn’t matter what your passion is, just go for it, and get involved and make a difference in any way possible. That is my tidbit of wisdom for healthy living today.

It is still raining, getting darker, but it has been too long to still be BLAH. BLAH has passed and been replaced by a nice cozy atmosphere and feeling good about my house and all I am so fortunate to have and be blessed with. Gratitude is the word I am looking for and I add that to today’s wisdom. Be grateful for all that you do have. Lots of people don’t have what they want or what they need. Be grateful even if you don’t have everything. It is important and it goes far in our wellness to be happy for a minute for what we have, and what we have gained along the way. If you are still without, hang strong, and with the right mindset and determination I believe we all get a chance of having most of what we have ever wanted.

Have a wonderful night and peace out.