Rainbow Nation-These Days are Not Easy



I confess today that these days post election are not easy ones. As the reality of what a Trump election and Presidential cabinet looks like and  takes form I was driven to tears today by a song that I knew very well but its lyrics struck me so differently today.

The song is Ooh-Child and we are adopting it as Rainbow Nation’s theme song. I listened to the song that a member posted and the tears just ran down my face.

As my friend and co-founder of Rainbow Nation, Michelle Candela, said we are starting to have to really face the facts that people we thought we were friends with voted for a man who has every intention of ruining any rights already established for the LGBTQIA community as well as the transgender community who is without rights and anti-discrimination protection.

Also, real talks by Trump and his cabinet and the people who voted for him about establishing a Muslim registry are just not okay, and I can’t pretend it doesn’t matter that friends I thought loved me and so many of the citizenry voted for this man who is not a nice or good man and will hurt me and my friends and family with his sweeping pen to take away all of our rights and set us back a good 20 to 30 years.

I want to know who voted for Trump, because you aren’t my friend if you support what he intends to accomplish in his presidency. Go ahead and make your Muslin registry and LGBTQIA registry where Pence states we can be fixed with electro-shock therapy and oh by the way Climate change is made up and not real. So let’s open up the coal mines because it doesn’t affect the environment at all!

I never asked for anyone to like me, or my friends that are transgender, or Muslin or any other minority that Trump has singled out; I ask for rights of equality and anti-discrimination laws for all. You don’t have to agree with me or any other targeted minority but this WAS America and we were all guaranteed rights and freedoms under the constitution and Bill of Rights. SCOTUS just in 20015 moved marriage equality forward, and now with Trump getting to chose the new justices not only is Marriage equality at risk, Roe V Wade is also at risk. Personally I won’t have an abortion BUT never would I want women to lose their rights to chose what to do with their own bodies.

I think people missed something here that Trump created. Before you might not have agreed with me, or my friends, or Muslims or other minorities but you were okay with the government pushing forward with equality for all, and Trump has turned this around to a zero sum game. It is a game that he used HATE and other methods to turn people who were okay with things into my enemies now, people who hate me and my friends and other minorities,

Let us not forget that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over a million votes! Who did the people elect? HILLARY! The antiquated electoral college elected Trump not the people.

I don’t care about being nice to everyone. There are some of you that have really hurt me, my friends and countless other minorities that now we must fight back to gain our rights and protections from discrimination.

I have fought since the electoral college claimed Trump’s victory that we could all get along, we needed to keep the peace. Well now almost two weeks into this circus and Trump has shown clearly with his cabinet selections and other selections that is not doable and this is a fight we all need to partake in.

It is not okay, Trump is not okay, and Hating of any sort is not okay and not what the United States of America stands for! Lots of us planned to move abroad if Trump won by some impossible way but NOW we must not abandon our country and our fellow friends and Americans who need us to stay and fight and organize for them.

My tears will dry up in a day or two, I know I am journeying through the stages of grief, and when my tears dry up I promise you and all the minorities that are scared just like me I will fight, and I will be heard. I know you might be laughing or think whatever, well this hurricane with a little bit of sunshine is coming with as many people as we can get to Washington DC on January 20 and 21st to protest and march in the million women march.

Lists? Yeah I know I am already a target on social media. I don’t care I will not be afraid. My friends can count on me because unlike all those upper class white women who voted for Trump my place in this country is not what I put before equality and protection for all people no matter what that means for me or anyone else!

You all who voted for Trump will get what you deserve, and the rest of us will fight so that you if you are a minority or woman, you will get the protection and equality that is already yours.

Hillary didn’t die, and Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are still here, and we will not let one man think this is HIS country. America is not Trump’s newest trophy!! I hope he fucking hears me loud and clear.

Corey Britton