Quirk of Habit

As a person with a rare form of pure mania I have many quirky habits that make me well I guess quirky.

I asked Stephanie my fiancé who lives with me if I was “quirky” and she said I was my own person and did things my own way, but she wouldn’t call it quirky. Not sure if I was a spade she would call that right as well.

I get up every day that I actually go to bed by 12:30 to 1:30 am. This is with a bedtime of 10 pm.

I immediately take my little black pug, Julia Bleu, to the 24 hour store to make my one of a kind coffee drink. It is a mixture of French vanilla latte and coffee with Splenda and lite cream. After I get my coffee Julia Bleu will chat with the clerk for a moment before walking home to start the maniac’s hours.

The maniac’s hours are from 1:30 am to 6 am where I spend my time in an elixir induced state of hyper-focus. This elixir is the coffee drink which I take with a prescription Adderall to start my day.

In this hyper-focused state I can get a phenomenal amount of school work done and covered or I can blog with an intensity and creativity  that eludes me outside the of the maniac’s hours.

I am not in school this semester due to the Clinton campaign so blogging is my top priority during the maniac’s hours. It takes me the rest of the day to turn out the amount and caliber of work I create during the maniac’s hours.

Try as I may I can’t replicate it. Nope more elixir doesn’t work later on-it has to be in the early morning hours.

I also have anorexia so my eating or what there is of it is weird. I love Greek yogurt and basically between them and farm milk flavored either coffee or strawberry I survive. I will eat a bite of food if my daughter Bella is around but other than that- oh I eat applesauce with my yogurt. I knew there was something weird there.

I am by nature very social and gregarious but I also can be down right anti-social. I don’t like fake and I am not nice just because…..you piss me off and I am going to politely point out what happened. I don’t take things personally whether I should or shouldn’t. I can debate politics or someone can make an offensive comment about me-it isn’t going to bother me. I don’t take things personally. I find it really hard to talk to a lot of people because they are so opinionated that their persona is caught up in it as well. Even if you are trying to level me it won’t happen unless you are somebody I care greatly about and you have told me I am not a nice or kind person. THAT will level me.

I spend days, lots of days with people and I don’t tire of them. I am able to escape in my mind and get a moment. Then there are days during the week where I don’t talk to a soul or interact with anybody until Stephanie gets home. I am so okay being on my own and would prefer that so I can do my own thing over hanging out or socializing with someone I really don’t care to talk with.

Weirdness right? No I mean quirky.  I am funny about dogs and children. I love my dog to death and she is my baby but another dog-not much interest unless they happen to be a pug. Same with children. I adore my own child and like some of her friends but I would never say I am a kid person!

I am very picky, no I mean beyond picky when it comes to attraction of another person. The slightest thing turns me off, and I have very high expectations for the girl I am ultimately with. Stephanie and my ex-wife were perfect and stellar with beauty, brains and boobs. I am very sorry but without the breasts I am not going to be attracted-I know it is awful and I am admitted it for all to see.

I am a perfectionist of the worst sort-everything has to be just right and just so. Cleaning supplies and cleaning towels for the bathroom are just for the bathroom and nowhere else. I have every possible thing for cleaning imaginable and I am not a very motivated cleaner but I hate messy or dirty or unkempt  or not fresh. So I struggle with that because I can’t live in a messy place or dirty place of any kind.

That is where Stephanie comes into play. She knows I don’t like messy and she is too willing to clean but at the same time I am so appreciative. My place is not small and it takes a lot to kept up on it. She does get me with the cleaning but I am trying to work on that and did a really good job the last few days not letting her over do it.

I would say that is the beginning of my quirkiness except two more things. I don’t like taking showers, although I do. It is something I can’t explain. I can’t get in and out fast enough. Lastly I really don’t like to go out to eat. I don’t see it as much of a treat, and would rather eat at home.

That is just the tip of the iceberg………