Corey’s Inspiration

Sometimes We Are a Herd of Won

Corey Britton 7/14/16


I am reading all this stuff on Facebook like somebody just discovered Buddhism and is talking about our authentic selves. Sure that is all fine and good, but we need to have the courage to be different to stray from the herd and be one.

That herd of one has the potential to morph into a herd of won. Not something very many people experience or even aspire to experience.

Predictability is boring and dead. Being spontaneous and with a reason that isn’t easily understood is where it is at in this game of life.

Sprinkle your actions with kindness and compassion and you my friend are the very reason we exist.

We do not exist to lead empty, unchallenging, and easy lives. We are here to get our asses kicked and still stand strong and tall in the  middle of the ring.

These are my words of inspiration. Get the fuck up and go do something different and be the change you have always wanted to see.

Be the person who adds color to people’s lives. Do you know how many people live in black and white yet mostly darkness….

Fear nothing. It is irrational and stymies you in your growth and your destination.

There are no guarantees. None whatsoever. No matter what you have heard. It is not true..

So what is holding you back? No really, think about this one for more than a nano-second?  Why not?

Your reason will NEVER be good enough!

So twist that throttle and give your life some gas!

What do you have to lose? Nothing. Because as you are right now you are not very much. Until you engage the world within which you live-that is when you become SOMEBODY.

Get off your ass and do something that hasn’t been done. Be creative this is not easy it is why it is called the game of life.

Am I dealing you in, or are you sitting this one out?

Freak Tony Robbins….