Take a Chance On Me

I awoken during the maniac’s hours and laid in bed and journaled for over four hours. I find the writing I do in my journal to be completely different and of better than average content.

I wrote a lot about my darkness and my angels and the Royal Angel I supposedly am. I don’t know how to write about it here, yet I am contemplating a written formation of it here for my blog.

I am thinking about my “about” page on my websites and what exactly I should write that best illustrates the person I am, as I write these various blogs.

Depending on the blog, the person who shows up to write is very different from my anorexia blog to my #SCATTERED blog. The anorexia blog is written by me who is fragile and weak with an insidious disease and #SCATTERED is written by a person high on fiery octane that is not easily quelled by normal means of intervention.

I ask my readers at the very beginning of my blogging journey to read my blog blindly not knowing or having any idea but what my prose defined as me as signs illustrated through both my prose and my topic choices.

I have continued to reveal myself without a proper introduction, writing and exposing myself to my dedicated readers. I have asked for unwavering acceptance which today does not seem fair. I have decided in my tempered state to fill out and draw a proper description of Corey for each one of my blogs.

This will take up a good chunk of my day, and I will compile the different ones into a blog post to show the differentiation between the various forms and fits of Corey when I sit down to write.

I am over the moon ecstatic with my fiery brain and #AMPED body today, and I have done my to-do list for the day to complete and have already emailed the foot surgeon regarding surgery.

I am waiting for the doctor to get back to me regarding the next step in the surgical process. I am very hopeful that the surgery can happen next week as it’s the best scenario for me with my parents still around to help me out with my surgeries and post-op care.

Today is a glorious sunny day, and although I got up late and missed the trash and recycling trucks I pay for service I had enough common sense to put my stuff on the other side of the street where the trucks had yet to pick up. I know it is trash and recycling so why do I write about them? They are in a whole lot by themselves in my Universe. I don’t allow for any trash or recycling in my house overnight, and I am emphatic about trash and recycling day, so missing one would upset the fragile creases of my brain.

I am powered today by a full burn of fire in the brain, with energy in the body that gives me the strength to carryforward with my day with all my systems a go and fully rejuvenated with the sleep I so thankfully received.

So today I will blog once my “about” pages are complete and you can see whether you agree with the description of my state of mind I believe I write with.

I wonder if you the reader, will feel about me the way I write about myself. I must get writing on these before my fiery brains changes or gets to a place where I can’t quell it or reel it in for the moment.

I am excited for this day, and my second real day engaged in the goals of my fortieth birthday. The first day was brilliant and I expect no difference on this, the second day!