Happy Madness In My Brain

I am so happy that my brain is filled with Mania Madness that is sacred and divine.

I know my Madness to be a gift of the Gods and the Angels.

Learning I am, that the gift from the angels is not ordinary but sacred.

I spend a lot of time speaking to others about my madness. They say they have it too like it is a contagious infection. Being born with mania means I was born with madness. Being born with madness is like being touched by God at birth by his hand that blessed me as he lay it upon my head, the fire in my head began to burn.

I think how do I explain this combustion in my head? I came up with fire for starters but of course that is just the beginning. The fire is an energy that exceeds my normal brain capacity and takes away my need to sleep at all. I need not rest and I need not stop at whatever I am doing at the time. The fire is a reminder of the additional energy that consumes my body and mind at all times in all ways.

My Madness is what is behind my eyes; alive and wild in their nature. I am pushed forward, propelled by Chi, that maintains my mania’s steadfast presence.

My Madness is truly a part of me and not something  I can separate from the rest of me. Madness is a funny thing, more peculiar than anything else. I often get told my persona has a life of its own, a mind of its own. I reply politely that my Madness is not what differentiates me but what makes me more like everyone else. My Madness is what makes me happy and makes me feel normal, except when the fire #AMPED up and became bigger than me. I was frightened deeply three weeks ago with this foreign energy and fire that was hotter than I have ever anticipated or lived amongst.

Three weeks ago this was a problem of mega proportions and I was sure medical intervention was necessary. I called John Hopkins and spoke to my neurologist and figured out my brain was just recalibrating to a higher level; nothing more nothing less.

I was thrown way off my game the past couple of days by an inbred from Facebook. I posed a simple question about clowns She came  out of the blue attacked my intelligence, my critical thinking, and my person. She was a no good person. Looking for a fight and I am not a fighter. She wrecked havoc with my brain and my fire was tossed to the side and she played her mind games with me and on me.

It ended quite abruptly and there was fall out with my brain,  and with Facebook. My brain lost its equilibrium and the attack was a direct hit at my persona. I have written how I learned I was an angel and in fact a Warrior Angel. Turns out I am not a Warrior Angel but I am Royal Angel of sorts.

I think Royal Angel fits me better in the scope of the Divine and the family of angels.  I am looking forward to getting to know more about the dimension that contains angels as quickly as I can.

This Royal Angel, seeped and dripping in Madness is looking towards the light today and prays to the Divine above to protect me from further predators like the one I encountered over the last two days, and rocked my foundation with her illogical words, and cunning ways. My mind is attuned at a lace where I can not stoop to fight with a mere mortal hick.

I realized that when I was got up in her wrath, and I pray she stays in her own pasture like a good sheep while staying out of my Universe.