The Birth of Rainbow Nation

Rainbow Nation was born today by people who are Democrats and want to create an inclusive coalition of like-minded people who fight for the rights and equality of all people in our country especially those with LGBTQIA rights and equality issues.

It is a democratic coalition that was formed out of necessity of the new President elect Trump. We are a group that believes #ALLLIVESMATTER.

We will be a political group looking to push forward equality for the LGBTQIA people and preserve the rights for LGBTQIA people who are afraid what President elect Trump has in mind to rescind many rights for not only LGBTQIA people but for equality for all minorities including women, people of different races, women, and the disabled for just starters. We propose a political revolution ready to fight without violence against overt discrimination for any minority group.

Rainbow Nation was formed on Facebook and is a member driven group where all people are equal and all voices are heard and everyone’s vote matters the same. We are not bound by a hierarchy of any sort and feel our group is representative of the equality for all we seek in the real world.

If you are of a Democratic mindset and are interested in joining Rainbow Nation just look us up on Facebook as we are an inclusive group at the grassroots level looking to align with like minded groups to get involved actively for inauguration day and every day there after that President elect Trump is in office looking to repeal our rights and not extend more rights to the less than transgendered community.

No matter who you are if you face discrimination or inequality than please consider Rainbow Nation


Corey Britton and Rainbow Nation