Maniacal Musings: Express Yourself

I find that during these times of Mania Madness I get really creative and through the chaos comes change in me and in my life.

I have decided to go for it and move the mania posts to a new blog called SCATTERED.

It seems really befitting and the name came to me which has held up this blog because I couldn’t think of a name that fit.

I think it is important as I have mentioned to always have your own sort of style and philosophical attitude.

We need to be visible with our identities and not hide from everyone. We mustn’t be scared of our truths, we must embrace them.

I am having crazy times right now with the Mania Madness. I am definitely off the charts today and I have to keep getting my thought and quote journal because my mind is so ripe for thoughts on just about anything.

I really want to blog my assessment of the election because I have some really profound things to say I haven’t seen before but I know I lose a lot of you with that topic.

So I will refrain, keep the creativity  flowing and hopefully not drive those closest in my life nuts. How long does Mania Madness last? Well it can be a week to over a month. With over a month I probably lose control over my ability to sleep and that would land me in the hospital. With all that Bella has going on and my fortieth birthday I really don’t want to go for a stay in the hospital.

I am just going to take the max amount of Adderall prescribed and do my best to stay positively creative and not let it get negative.

Stephanie thinks I am being too hard on myself and need to lighten up a bit. It is a disease for gosh sakes and really if I don’t speak a thousand miles a minute I am the only one who deals with the Mania Madness.

I am setting up Scattered after I go with Stephanie to get a coffee. The coffee should help bring me down.

I have had some great ideas for posts today and a couple of quotes I added to my quote book. I hope to be able to use them soon in my writing.

Tomorrow I add a new dimension to my life. I am going to not just be a writer who illustrates the world in prose, I am going to start to think like a photographer as well and start taking random pictures wherever I go. It is something new for me…..I know very little about photography so my idea is to capture interesting, and thoughtful images that aren’t necessarily the best quality photos. I know the basics and that’s a stretch.

I am loading a new micro SD card in my phone tonight and tomorrow I start to look at the world and my surroundings with a new found interest. I think it is great for me and it has me on the look out for a photography class. This is all inspired by my Mania Madness. I am #JACKED up to start this new project. I totally was bummed there was no WordPress photo challenge this past Friday.

So many other thoughts and ideas. I will come down a little with the coffee. I hope I don’t ruin our bath time together.

I am really working on being mindful of myself in and around Stephanie. I don’t want to hamper her with my Madness.

I love it right now and couldn’t be happier but I know that isn’t how others receive me all the time during these periods.

Well we went to get the coffee and it sure tastes good. Let’s see if it works at quelling my internal and cerebral jet engines. I so rightly so have inked on my left forearm Born From Jets. It was because of my mania and also at the time I was driving tricked out Saabs and that was therir campaign slogan.

Speaking of ink, now is the time I usually get more ink. My mother hates it so I usually get it in September and keep it covered, as most of my ink is all on my forearms than when we celebrate my birthday I wear a short sleeve shirt and besides a face of distain, she usually doesn’t say anything.

I have been wanting to get Bella in script down the outside of my right forearm. Maybe Wednesday I will get it done, as well as have some other ones that are fading touched up.

Everyone will be really nervous about my mother but she can’t say anything on my birthday and especially when it is my daughter’s name.

Stephanie is running behind with her work, probably because I have been talking to her about everything that is racing through my head. I am being quiet now and I think the coffee is helpimg.

I need to get started on my new blog Scattered and develop a page for it. It will be my third blog I have one on WordPress which is just for my anorexia posts called the Cake is Now.  I put everything I post here there and write more on anorexia and daily life with anorexia over there.

I think I have a great first post for Scattered and I hope the name is not taken. I probably should have checked that out first but I have a couple of other names that will work too.

Time to get moving on my new blog, and come back and let you know if the coffee worked and I got the name I wanted. The not knowing is killing me honestly. Wish me luck with both the coffee and the name! I am so #AMPED for sound and no place to put it. It is runnings doughnuts all over my soul!