State of My Year Thus Far

It is almost June 1, 2016, and I just dragged out my over-achieving New Year’s resolutions that have me close to tears-whether happy or sad is state of my mind, but for right now looking at my list of what I wanted to do, and what has gotten done so far, is not very funny. I will take no time to laugh, I will look at the things that have gotten in my way.

First, was the Spring Semester that started with an unsavory person taking up all my time.  I tried to do the right thing, but all I did was enable this psychotic behavior think I am a good judge of character, I wasn’t anticipated there would be none to judge.  At first I thought it was there physical ailments, yep you know where I am heading to on this one. No physical ailments, only mental incongruities, that needed something other than pain killers to treat those symptoms that left this person, vacant and unemotive, and also always searching for doctors and new diagnoses, I swear she wrote the medical manual. She could study a disease and come up with all the symptoms, and get whatever she wanted.  This lasted through the month of January, how I kept a 4.0 is uncanny, since she had no respect for my school work or me, I was flying really under the bridge for me academically. Finally in the end of January it occurred to me, this was just going to keep going on. I did not even want to be in this person’s physical space.  So I gave her the boot, after many failed tries, I realize it had come down to her or me. She didn’t give a shit about anything about me, so I took it on the chin, cut my looses which weren’t so bad, and realized this person would never treat me right.  I am big into reciprocity so this stung for just a minute while I cleared her stuff out of my head, and got rid of an evidence of her. So I saved January academically, but I failed on my own health for sure.  At least the 4.0 was still in place, come hell or high water I wouldn’t let her damage that for me, I would as soon as kicked out on her head. So January ended, and as I stated all over the place, it was like my New Year’s take 2 because of this mentally ill monster.

February started out with a new bounce in my step. SHE was long behind me, I don’t waste time on things that are bad for me. I picked up the paces at school. I was taking 4 classes and had solid 4.0s in all of them.  Midterms were approaching so I felt a little pinch, but now with Bella, my daughter back at my place, it was such a really good time.  The weather wasn’t half bad either for the most part, and my weight started to improve a bit. I spent a lot of time with Stephanie my bff who would soon let me know she had more feelings for me.

March started out like a lion, I had many mid-terms, and professors who thought they were quirky and novel when it came to mid-term time. I don’t care who is teaching the class, or what they say, I have my own way to study and prep for any class, the only difference being a programming class.  So the professor pontificated their mid-terms would be over the top.  Okay, maybe they were over the top, but I got my perfect grades on all of them.  My favorite professor did jam me up on the mid-term, as one out of 5 lengthy answers to the questions had to be at least two pages long typed.  That was a killer, I brained dumped on him in retribution so that if he even read my answer it was going to be the synopsis of the chapters, written Coreyism prose, which is none too pretty. March was getting underway, and we had assignments do every week for our programming course.  The other classes had deadlines coming up in April, little did I know what April had in store for me.

April started out with a bang and dash, I had two major projects due for separate classes two weeks apart, and both required an awful lot of work. One Friday morning, about a week before my first project, it was 70 degrees out.  I was walking along in flip flops and took a nasty hard, hellish fall on my right knee, and my left arm. It was Friday so didn’t have classes.  I was so close to home I could see my house, but when I stood up to walk I could barely move. Thankfully nobody saw me take a flip in slide in the parking lot.  I knew my arm was probably broken by just how wrong things looked, and I had to wait to get home to check on my knee. I had no worries at all about school, felt I got scuffed up and would be sore for a few days.  I made it into my house, where I could really see my hand, and knew it was crushed. Next I lifted up my pants leg, and oh was I greeted by a bloody mess. It also felt hurt, no really HURT Knew was going to have to take the taxi to the ER.  Still not panicking that much-probably was shock, that is what they told me in the ER later that morning.

I would like to make mention that at this point of my New Years Resolution list, I had my taxes for home, and business and my fafsa which is mandatory if you are in college, done by the first of April.  So ever with the catch up I wasn’t doing very well.

Going to the ER turned out to be a major turning point of the year. A fractured hand, and two bone fractures in my leg, plus a crushed knee cap. All requiring surgery, and the big deal: I would be forced to go out on school medical leave, putting me a semester behind where I wanted to be.  The operations came swift and fast, this last knee cap was the worst.  In between the falls and the operations, my family was in Europe when our dog died on me.  To make matters worse, I took my other pug in because she was grieving and not eating. Vet finds a cancerous tumor and emergency surgery is scheduled.  We have no idea how she will make out.  The one positive thing is I did start to blog, and have learned for 6 weeks I have been doing almost everything wrong.  This being May I am on the mend, hobbling around, hoping for the New Years Resolution in July, which has me running road races with Bella.  I also was supposed to take a summer course on programming, that started this past Monday.  I registered for the class, and have gotten started, but I am no where in the school mode time right now.  Seeing it the end of May, I had a lot family birthdays to celebrate.  The last one is tomorrow, I got that pretty down pat, next is not being late with father’s day. I had signed up on Goodreads on the Internet, to read 200 books this year.  I started out strong, but have come to a falter, I will be lucky to make a 150 with a real big push.

June is upon us, and with my class, comes the HRC campaign. I am hedging to work it right through the general, depending on how everything else goes.

So at this stage in May, I did get my taxes done on time, but haven’t completed my fafsa which is required. Really best get on it this weekend.  As far as school, it has been a wash out, and now I am taking just one class.  I hope to stick with it and continue my highest honors, but right now I cant be sure. I would rate where I wanted to be in comparison to where I am as a C-. Yes such a low grade, because I wasted so much time, which I could have been doing much more important stuff.  My ex-wife reminded me to put my air conditioners into the windows as it is starting to get hot.  Not done yet, and with 6 weeks off, I might even be at a D+.

There is lots of room in the coming months to make this a stellar year. Ace the class, do the fafsa, get my house ready for summer, and get a position on the HRC Campaign. If I can do that and still sign up for Fall classes I will have pulled a major move.  Little is known right now about that status, the other thing is I want to save money. I want to save more money than I already save, thus far, its been hard with all the cabs I have to take because I cant drive. I spend between 600-700 dollars a month getting rides from cabs.  I can also pull off the school upset,

and take all my classes as they are scheduled while I work on the HRT campaign.  I need to get a fitness regime in place, as soon as my leg and my hand heal.  Running at least 5 road races, and joining a gym, or going to the one at school.

So right now the score is low, I can also raise it considerably by moving to a smaller home on the first level. All in all the review looks bad, but you all should take a minute and see where you are at for this year so far., and more importantly how much you can improve with the rest of year.