The Weekend Wrap U-ME

Well it is Monday and I had the best weekend! One for the memory books.

Saturday night Stephanie and I went out to dinner with Bella and my ex wife as I mentioned in my post yesterday.

We came back and watched a movie together and she fell asleep in my arms. I laid there with her for a couple of hours. Then I got up and went to get my coffee and took it with my Adderall to form the golden elixir,

My Mania Madness seems to be a bit more in check with Stephanie around again. She walk up around 8:30 am which is pretty early for her on a Sunday and I went and laid down with her and we snuggled and talked about the future and us getting engaged and moving in together. Stephanie really wants to make up for lost time and get engaged maybe in Florida after my ex wife and Bella leave and we are still down there for like 4 days. She then wants to move in before Christmas. It is her wish that we be all newly settled by the holidays. It is the only thing she wants for Christmas and New Years.

We finally got up and she made me pancakes with blueberries for breakfast. I was so happy to have pancakes I ate like two of them which is a lot for me! We then talked about the rest of the day and I told her I really needed to work on my new Facebook group called Rainbow Nation. I started this with a dear friend of mine, Michelle, and it was only still less than 24 hours old so we had things to get into place and start thinking about recruitment which Michelle has been excellent at and I am just starting to invite Facebook friends from my friends list.

Stephanie felt we should go get the grocery shopping out of the way and then I would be home for the rest of the day and night to work on my group and blog as well.

So off to the grocery store we went like old times and we had a blast even doing the grocery shopping. Stephanie planned on coming home and cleaning and cooking which is what I knew she would want to do. We rented a movie called the Adderall Diaries from Red Box and got everything we needed including my farm milk blueberry, flavored only because they were out of strawberry. I need to go back to the grocery store and get dish washing detergent and I will get some strawberry milk then later this afternoon.

We got home and we unpacked the groceries and I went off to the study to work on my blogging and continue working on Rainbow Nation the new Facebook  group I wanted to create a blog and a website for on my blogger site. I was able to get off an induction post of Rainbow Nation and set up a blog that is not all done but is working.

I am feeling very empowered and not so down and out about the election with the start of this new group with my friend Michelle. She has done some awesome recruiting and I have been working more on content and getting the group framework up and stable. I think we make an excellent team and it is fun to collaborate with Michelle since she and I bring different strengths to the table but our vision is very much in alignment.

I worked for a couple of hours and was feeling rather beat. I knew I had to reach out to my friend who wanted to know what was going on with Stephanie and I and I didn’t do it yesterday. They almost like know something is up as they have not been calling and I have called and the calls are short and we are not connected in any way. I tried calling them a bit ago to tell them before they read it in a blog but they aren’t taking my phone calls so I think I am fine I tried to be respectful and reach out to them but like Stephanie said the fact that matters are the way they are and they might be put off by my decision which is solely based on my feelings for Stephanie and her feelings for me is a bit over the top.

I am not going to worry anymore about it and I have called for the last time. We ended the night last night watching this movie called the Adderall Diaries. It was not very good, but being with Stephanie and hanging out and getting back to us has been an amazing time. I can say I am really happy and she is very supportive of this new group and the time and effort I want to put in to it.

We ended the evening with an epic U-Me back together again night that was truly magical and more than I ever expected it would be with her as we iron out the wrinkles I imposed on us as a couple.

I was sad to see her leave for the practice this morning but I know she will be here after work and I have a very busy day with the group and my blogging I am really dedicated to keeping on track and now with the group blogging more I hope to a different audience all together.

Peace Out and Have a Great Day it is Monday and we will not give up the fight  for equality for everyone.