Is It Possible? AM I An Angel?

There is some things that the angels don’t tell anyone except the warrior angels that still walk this earth and have fallen to her knees from the weight of battle. The angels only protect and look over true angels, the ones that have not sold their soul to the devil, the ones that are pure and true. The ones that will join them in heaven when they leave this mortal coil to care for other true angels as they grow and learn to spread their wings. You are an angel too Corey, angel pure and true

-Melissa Tsing

Is it truly possible that I am an angel? How could that be without my knowing, without my feeling well like an angel is supposed to feel?

Aren’t all angels divine? I surely doubt my divinity, it is an absurdity. But the words, they are written up above…..what does this mean to me as I turn 40 and have been bequeathed an angel?

Pure and true? It couldn’t be so, I try hard to be completely honest and a good person but an angel on earth?

I fear this title and all that it means…..I relish the title for all the same reasons.

If this is true and I can’t believe the author would fib, I have danced with the devil, and just maybe I am more than a warrior with a poet’s soul, maybe I am an angel warrior? Maybe I fight for more than just the sake of justice, maybe I fight for the divine?

I must really wrap my mind around this. It is is another big surprise as I approach forty. I truly if this is so, evolved into an angel warrior on earth….for a long time I was a mere warrior with a poet’s soul.

My soul! It is tied into my soul. Just like the fire that burns so hard in my head, and brought me yesterday to my self-discovery of angels. Is this the next piece? Was I given an enormous gift for my fortieth birthday?

I have written about the devil and the waltz we danced, I have written with fraught worry that my soul was veiled in darkness and left unprotected from evil. I have come to realize the angels protect my soul in my vacant times of darkness.

How would I be an angel? I wonder and think hard am I even close or worthy to these immense gift of this generosity through pure friendship?

I know I can’t see myself the way others see and view or even experience me. Yes as is the case with all of us, many accolades have been bestowed upon my huge heart and soulful being. But if I am an angel than so might you be an angel too.

I wonder are we all angels on this earth waiting to be taken to the heavens above by God’s heavenly angels? I know the angels do a lot of the work I thought God did-of course anything done by the angels would have to be God’s will.

But wait, I still haven’t figured out  God. I don’t know things to be logical I only know them from the words and feelings expressed by my soul.

My mind is a wreck and can not always be trusted. However my soul is true and tried and has been tested, so is God really, really there?. Does he hear my words, my pleas for help, my cries for solace?

My soul sees without hesitation. YES. But I believe in science too, and my soul is proclaiming illogical  or incomprehensible thoughts.

Is my soul superior to my cognitive brain? I must say I do believe so, thus I am illogical because I don’t understand the true nature of God. He is undefinable for starters. I can easily without pause explain the mysteries of creation, life, and death through my mind with science guiding me.

But creation, life and death are divine and I know that which is divine is not simple.

I believe I have the answer that was due next in my life and a gift for my fortieth birthday: my soul is far superior and knowledgeable than any of the massive brain power I can muster up to think or problem solve.

That is it. My soul is my answer. My soul is the bearer of all truths. Now as I turn forty I must figure out how to listen to my soul and hear it’s truths I can not reach without the divine.

God, angels, I am listening. I hope to hear from you again, like I have heard from you over the last few days……

For the last two days I have heard you all, God and the angels, so clearly and so deeply. I await our next conversation.