Mania Madness and Surgery Tomorrow-Will I sleep tonight?

I just got off the phone with the hospital. I am having surgery tomorrow at 7:30 am to remove a not very good tumor that is growing on the side of my left ring finger and it might be in the bone. I have to arrive at the hospital at 6 am and after the surgery my ex-wife will pick me up once I am out of recovery and bring me home.

Stephanie is getting out of work early tomorrow and will be here to take care of me. I am hoping for the best but as time as gone on the tumor doesn’t seem too good. I will deal with this when I get the pathology report sometime next week or when my surgeon tomorrow can give some of his insight if that is even possible. I have no idea how invasive the surgery is and I have so much to do to get ready to hopefully fly to Florida on Monday and get Julia Bleu to the kennel and doggy daycare on Sunday. I haven’t packed a thing and I pray my finger is no big deal. My mind is preoccupied right now and wondering is not good for my brain that is on fire.

I am in a bad way with my Mania Madness and got my sleeping prescriptions filled today at the pharmacy. I have to get sleep and my hand can’t be bad as I will not be able to go to Florida with everything in disarray.

Stephanie texted me and is on her way home. I am really in need of her tonight as I am scared and on fire from my head to my body. Adderall is not touching it and I don’t know if I will be able  to sleep tonight. I have to get everything ready tonight for the hospital as I need to be at the hospital at 6 am sharp.

I have gotten a ton of work done on my blogs, personal finances, and my new group Rainbow Nation, however I am really tired and I don’t know if sleep will elude me tonight or not.

I have been MIA on Facebook for hours and need to spend some time there as tomorrow morning I will not have a minute to spare. I am so grateful to my ex-wife for getting me from the hospital as they have a rule a family member must pick you up so they can tell everything to them since I probably won’t remember everything because of the drugs.

She is just squeezing me in, as she has to be in Boston tomorrow afternoon, so it is perfect that Stephanie is getting out early and will be here to help me out or just talk. I don’t know yet whether I will be able to blog or work on Rainbow Nation but I will give it my best shot.

Stephanie my love is home. I am honestly ready for bed if only I was tired. I feel tired but the fire in my mind keeps me from settling down. I am sure Stephanie will suggest we lay down and just maybe with my new prescriptions I can fall asleep except they make it hard to wake up and I have a ride scheduled to the hospital for 5:45 am. I fear if I take the pills I will be in a coma at the time I need to be at the hospital.

Stephanie brought home Indian food for dinner but I will eat it after my surgery tomorrow. She baked me some apples on Sunday and I had a serving of them a little while ago. Besides the Mania Madness I have anxiety about this tumor that shouldn’t be anything but is not showing the signs they want to see, I am anxious and my head and body are on fire yet I so desperately want to rest with Stephanie.

She is happy and when she gets home early tomorrow afternoon she is off for the entire weekend heading right into Monday morning when we fly to Orlando on our way to my parents home.

I am trying to manage the fire but the Adderall is useless and I am anxious and my heart is beating fast. Perhaps a cocktail like vodka and diet sprite with extra lime would take the edge off.

Poor Julia Bleu is heading to the kennel where she will attend doggy daycare with other dogs for 10 ten days. It is a long time for she and I to be apart and her out of her normal surroundings. I hope the other dogs provide her with good distraction. I miss her already and she is right by my side.

Well today is a wrap in the blog world unless I stay up and I will return tomorrow for some post on at least me and how I made out but probably something else like the new First lady lying about having a college degree when she doesn’t. Yeah, maybe a post on Rainbow Nation to keep the masses informed.

Lights out and sweet dreams!