Trying To Get To The Other Side-Riding the Markets

Today our country has a new president elect in Donald Trump. I wish him the best and hope he surrounds himself the best and the brightest and that the worries a lot of us Americans hold as he is elected are found to be unfounded in the months and years to come.

I got up during the maniac’s hours today, although I had been up much of the night watching the election results. It is behind me now, and I have made a promise to myself and to my readers to move forward and onward and write again after missing yesterday. Bummed I missed yesterday, but I accidentally slept until 12:30 pm and had to run off to vote and fulfill my responsibilities yesterday.

Today has been a slow start, but I got my first blog posted and I paid my bills for the month and I am getting ready to work on my master to-do list after I finish this blog.

I am excited to go to school tomorrow and pick out my classes for the spring semester. I have missed school and can’ t wait to get back into the groove of things with school and my classes. My challenges are how to remain a blogger full time and go to school. I know I can do it and will work on a blogging schedule before I return to classes in January and have a list of blogs to write, and story lines to keep up. I loved seeing Eugene, my homeless friend the other night, and I hope to run into him at the store tonight.

I am so glad I don’t have TV, watching live streaming on the Internet was great for the latest news but it takes up a lot of time and I am easily sucked into it far more than I need be for any reason. I got up in the maniac’s hours and went and got a coffee. I took it with Adderall but I think I was too over cooked for the golden elixir to work. It was fine I wasn’t really tired and tonight I will go to bed early enough to get up around 12:30am and do some really big anorexia writing. I need the entirety of the maniac’s hours to write my next installment of my anorexia story.

I am really excited about my blogging and not blogging yesterday was only by mistake with my later than late sleep in. I am ready to use these couple of months before school to set a new a challenge for myself with blogging, and get as close to the 1000 point blog as possible. It means no more missed days. I have had two since the beginning of May and I can’t afford anymore.

Tonight I get to be a grown up and go to Bella’s teacher-parent conference. It is the first one of the year and the news with Bella is always stellar.

I am per her request getting dressed up as I ran around yesterday in mostly my pajama bottoms and a ski hat. Not exactly what my child wants me wearing to her school. I did make a lot of people laugh yesterday, however it wasn’t on purpose as I didn’t have the time to put on proper clothes before heading out to vote and getting to the local campaign.

I am very much excited to take a lot of time today to read something other than the Bible which I am trying to read for the first time and politics which I am not reading anything about today or anytime soon. I have new book to devour and I will do it later this evening when I need a break from everything else.

I plan on getting another coffee and probably staying up tonight blogging after yesterday and missing a complete day. Big bummer for me but I am motivated to get back at it and write about new things as well as keep current with what is going on in my life.

I find it reassuring that the markets have come back and I made a ton of cash on selling the yen while the Japanese markets were down over 900 points. I love trading foreign currency and last night was a perfect night if you were on the right side of the trades.

I placed some more trades tonight and will look at the euro when the markets open around 3 am. I am filled with fire burning like crazy in my brain and my body and will put it to good use to trade and blog through the night.

I am interested in the protests taking place in different parts of the country. I wish one would start up here i would be out in the streets in a second. I am looking for any new radical non-violent group to join as quickly as possible.

I will stick to blogging tonight and hopefully my readers will awaken with new posts from me in Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary and also in Scattered.

I wish everyone a good night and look forward to the blogging in front of me.