First Light

My early mornings are spent in the darkness of the maniac’s hours with my pug, Julia Bleu.

Besides seeing sometimes the moon and the stars, we see only a few cars and fewer people walking at night on the way to our favorite store.

There we get our coffee drink and chat with the clerk.  We head home and always look at to the skies. Someone posted on Facebook what an amazing full moon and I went chasing it with my camera. only to discover there were clouds up above.

I write or do school work during the maniac’s hours of 12:30 to 6 am every single day.

I have a window beside my desk and computer and I often look out into black emptiness.

The mornings they come quickly I better not blink….

I will miss the first glow of the sun

In between the trees behind my house

It is a majikal moment when daylight springs upon.

Gone is the night and its ambience.

My temp changes at the sight of daylight

I hurry and I think no more real thoughts for the day

I like the light but I am a lover of the darkness

I wish darkness came as dramatic as the daylight.