Our Summer of Endless Love and it’s Summer Solstice

I have been divorced 3 years separated for 4. In that time I have had a lot of up and downs and even times when I oscillated. Those were not the best of times losing my beloved wife over not being a good spouse.

Oh I tried to be a good spouse,  I tried to be a great spouse. I just had no idea what entailed neither marriage or being a good spouse. I loved my wife like none other, she was my very best friend, I was always faithful never a doubt.

I lost what I thought was the best thing that ever happened to me. I went to therapy to learn about everything a healthy marriage entails. Wow was I really off base, guess that might happen when you get married and you have never been in a reciprocating long term committed relationship.

Then something different happened to me over a little of two years. I met this friend, of other friends. Her name was Stephanie and I thought she was great. We started doing things just the two of us, short of the story we became inseparable best friends. I never thought Stephanie would like me so I was always trying to hook her up with what I thought were nice guys. I was dating women and having fun, but no one was a smudge close to marriage material for me. Stephanie and I remained close friends we were always getting together just the two of us. We got along so very well, we laughed all the time, we loved  to do the same things. Stephanie never dated anybody while we were best friends these last two years. Obviously it was not the same for me, I probably should have respected myself a little bit more like Stephanie.

The thing about her and me is we just fit together like a hand and glove. We continued to get closer and closer and have lots of platonic sleepovers, I refused to acknowledge how beautiful Stephanie was and with intelligence she was more than the special of the day.

When I fell ill with  anorexia, that is when Stephanie and I became our own version of a “we” She was the only one I let see me in the hospital with a feeding tube. Then when I was home, Stephanie just stayed over and hung out every night with me.

Our friends started talking that Stephanie liked me. I refused to see or hear any of it, I didn’t want to ever lose my best friend, my rock, and my partner in crime. As time went on I did begin to realize there was more than friendship for both Stephanie and me.

It has been the last three months, that we admitted our true feelings for one another. Nothing changed she stills stays over every night.  Yes we are completely platonic although we do snuggle like friends in the bed. Finally these last two weeks have changed us, we started talking about us like two grown ups. Never in a million years would I ever think I could have Stephanie. We have talked about every little thing and even went away to NYC this past weekend. I know for me that this weekend I accepted Stephanie has the only girl for me. She had decided that about me a long time ago. We stayed platonic but got closer this weekend as we did the club scene.

We have come back and it is a whole new story. We are taking our time to start being romantic and we are committed to our Summer of Love. Corny as is sounds. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is our song. We live  close to the beach and today is the first day of summer. So that means officially today Corey and Stephanie are a couple who plan to get married after we enjoy an endless summer.

So I must finish up writing, tonight is Summer Solstice. We’re going to the beach as a couple.We have waited for today for a very long time, and I never thought I would ever meet someone as stellar as Stephanie. Without a doubt we love each other very much. Tonight is our first date that will never end we say to one another. Summer is here I have the girl of my dreams. We are completely dedicated to the Summer of Love. We are planning a very special weekend, to go away and embark on our physical relationship. We both agree we waited this long we are going to plan the perfect weekend.

So summer is here today and I am no longer single in this world. You would be hard pressed to find two more happier people. We both feel so blessed to have found one another. Let the skies get dark, so I can hold her hand, and walk on the beach I never thought we would let ourselves go here.

Here’s to forever love and the enjoyment of the Endless Summer.