Maniacal Musings-Cheering Section

Late yesterday afternoon my parents picked me up to go to my daughter, Bella’s, volleyball game.

With all my injuries and surgery on Tuesday, I can’t get around very well. I am relegated to using a walker because both my legs require surgery and my right hand and arm are casted. Obviously no where near driving for me.

The game was excellent Bella started and played all three games which they won. She is getting so good it is amazing to watch the sponge she is with the coaching staff.

I then came home, as I opted out of dinner with my parents. I wanted to see Stephanie and I knew she would already be home. It was nice coming home after her, I think she missed me not being home when she got done with her practice.

It struck me as I had talked to my parents about my surgery on Tuesday and Stephanie brought it up and how she is taking the day off that I am truly blessed with a big cheering section in life.

I know others don’t have it so well and that saddens me greatly. I spoke to Stephanie and when my parents leave the middle to end of October for Florida she will be taking more time for both my next surgery in a month and my in between appointments.

I can’t believe it is Friday. I really should go to the grocery store and get things for the weekend. It will save Stephanie and I from doing it tonight or tomorrow.

I still haven’t made my list of things to do before surgery. I have been creating mini-lists on google calendars and running with that. My mom is taking me Monday to do a big grocery shop that way it is one less thing Stephanie and I have to do. Stephanie was a little perplexed by that as we always do the grocery shopping together or she does it but I am trying to preserve my cheering section.

I am going to need a lot of help over the next months and it is coming right after battling anorexia for two years. None of it is easy and those family and friends that care about me and will do anything for me. I don’t want to take advantage of anyone and I need to use my parents while they are still here.

Today I am heading to the grocery store and making my lists. If I get the motivation I will maybe go to campus and see if taking one late start course is doable this semester and make an appointment with advising to plan my next semester of full-time courses out.

My Mania Madness is in full bloom and last night I slept maybe an hour and a half. I worked on my anorexia story and did some other work on the computer but I don’t feel like I accomplished very much. I need to get a handle on the Mania Madness honestly. Right now it is fun but I am not really focused and hence have not finished my anorexia post, or any post for today and it is heading towards noon.

My Mania Madness is great when I can get hyper-focused but that hasn’t been the case since I overhauled my study yesterday. Stephanie was impressed with what I had done and said it felt more like my space again. I love my study, one of the windows right beside my desk is open and the cooler air is breezing in and it feels great!

Having Mania Madness my mood is super high and my energy is off the charts, and I have a general feeling and attitude that life is good. I am not weighed down today by all my injuries and surgeries. I have my easiest surgery Tuesday and I don’t plan to skip a beat.

My cheering section, made up of friends and family are already starting to pen in plans for my birthday. My mother wants to do lots of things but a tradition is her making me and my family (including my ex wife, Bella, and Stephanie) dinner at her house. She is 100 percent French  and makes this beef stew like nothing you have ever tasted. I was going to bag it this year because there is so much else going on but my ex wife said no it is the best dinner, you can’t not have her make the beef stew. It is so different it is cooked with loads of good sherry wine and cooks in the oven after all the vegetables are glazed in butter and sugar. So my ex wife and mom made that plan for Sunday evening October 2, 2016 and my birthday is not until Tuesday the fourth. I have been told to expect at least a birthday week this year with turning forty and all.

I am so blessed to have such a cheering section and I wish everyone had the support and love I have. I probably have it because I have needed it and it just stuck. Stephanie is such a doter and this weekend before I need more help I need to be independent and do for myself and others. I hope to make her dinner tomorrow night. A special French dinner with one of my grandmother’s favorite recipes: slow cooked savory beef. It is to die for and even this anorexic will eat a couple of bites.

I don’t know what I would do without the people in my life. I love them just as they are and then they are always doing something special for me. I ask Stephanie  if I presented like special needs, I am fine if I do, it just seems lots of people when they are around me try their best to take care of me. I am not sure what that is about because I am so independent as Stephanie pointed out this morning.

With my Mania Madness and lack of sleep I am up doing my own thing a lot of the time. She misses me being in bed and I have got to try to lay down tonight and rest or at least be still and recharge.

I believe it is time for the WordPress photography challenge on Fridays and I am going to get on the prompt and hopefully take Julia Bleu outside to go capture a shot of something. I am on the anorexia post and with this Mania Madness will be cranking out the posts.

Peace Out!